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    Cannot seem to set a field flags on import

    Hi I have an import routine that need to detect the type of data being imported based on the model type. The data are on spread sheets that are the same format but depending what the value is in the model field will determine what flags are to be set. my code does not seem to make any...
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    Solved updating from arrays

    Hello all really struggling here to get this to work, I need to update a config table, there are 2 arrays array 1 "ImportTableHeaderFields" Single dimension which is basically the field names of the table and Array 2 is "ImportConfig " a 2 Dimensional array of the configuration data Description...
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    Solved Trying to update import table from a query

    I have inherited an old database that I am trying to automate, I receive data from a subcontractor to which I have created a temp table. I have written a query to get me the Description and serial numbers of the sub assemblies that are fitted to the product approx 50 in total code below. [SQL]...
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