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    Printing a barcode on a Label

    I thought that this would be simple but! I have a field in a table defined as an attachment, in the field i have attached an image of a barcode. All i want to do is retreive the picture from the table and print it on a label. All my code to select the record works, but when I try to retreive...
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    Receive emails using vba in thunderbird as client

    Hi I need some code to receive emails into my thunderbird client. I have the code to send which I have used successfully for quite a while. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in anticipation Regards Ian
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    Access 2007 VBa using Thunderbird Mail

    Hi I am wanting some code for sending email using thunderbird as my mail client instead of outlook currently used. My hosting provider suggests I use Thunderbird to overcome a problem. My current system works ok, I just need to change the settings to Thunderbird Thanks in anticipation Best...
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