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    Update part of delimited string in field.

    Hi All, Really stuck on something that after a couple of daysis doing nothing more than giving me a headache. I have been asked to look after/maintain as DB from a colleague who is moving on. I am going through updating code, forms and so on, but have come cross a problem I just can't crack...
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    Solved Keeping track of "slots" within a space limited list as items added/removed/amended

    I have a listbox (that is bound to a table) that I will constrain to being able to hold at most 5 items. The listbox is split into three columns TimerNumber (integer 1 to 5), TimerName (string) and TimerValue (double). I have controls set up that will allow the use to add and remove items from...
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    Solved Saving Control properties

    I have a form that I have opened with a standalone app feel. I also have some code that detects if the application background has been maximised and hides that part again. However to do so Ihave to close and re-open the active form. What I am struggling to do is save the properties of each...
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