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    Notification based on a date

    Ey'up! I have a date field: START DATE and END DATE. If the difference between the two dates is greater than or equal to 7 days, i need a notification to appear on the form (maybe in an adjacent text box) that says something like "REPORT TO EXTERNAL AUTHORITY" If the condition is not met then...
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    Add 6 or 12 months based on option in CBO box

    That's a great observation! For this case a history is not critical...but thinking about it I like the idea of a history. I'll have to have a think about this....
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    Add 6 or 12 months based on option in CBO box

    Hi Folks, I'm after some direction: On my form I have a date field called 'date of calibration' . I also have a combo box with the following two options: "every 6 months" "every 12 Months" What i'd like to do (for example) is enter a date in the 'calibration date' field. I then want to...
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    Enable/disable a button based on a cbo box (for current record)

    Hi Folks, I have a button on my form which is enabled/disable based on a selection in a combo box. This is the code im using: Private Sub CCIR_Required_Change() If Me.CCIR_Required.Column(0) = "YES" Then Me.Command1176.Enabled = True Else Me.Command1176.Enabled = False End If However, if i...
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