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    Solved Group salesproduct table by year and itemID?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to make a query that will have total sales (by quantity) of every product by year? Table SalesProduct has SaleID, itemID, Quantity fields (and a few others not relevant right now). Table Sales has SaleDate, SaleID (and a few others not relevant right now)...
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    Solved Run-time error 2501

    I'm having trouble with exporting report to a PDF file. This error happens only on newly installed PC and fresh installation of Office 2016. On two other machines (same version of Office, same database, different paths), everything works as expected. I have tried checking regional and language...
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    Reducing PDF output size?

    It seems that, when generating PDF with DoCmd.Output to command, PDF file gets unusually big. This is what I am using now: DoCmd.OpenReport "Report", acPreview, , "[ID]= forms![frmGenerate]![ID]", acHidden DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "report", acFormatPDF, filePath, True Current PDF file is...
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    Solved Execute a batch file with parameters from query?

    So, I am looking for a way to execute a batch file with 2 arguments. Arguments are values from a query. Query result has 10-15 rows, so it means that it should iterate through every row, pick up values from those 2 columns, pass them to batch file and execute. In order to start a batch file, I...
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    Export query result to excel with column width and some more changes...VBA?

    Hello to everyone, I hope that all of you are in good health in these troubled times! I have a specific problem and I'd appreciate any help that I can get. I have an Access database and every day a result of specific query (stock level at the warehouse.) is exported to Excel. Due to the...
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    Reducing the number of tables, updating, etc

    First of all, I hope that all of you guys and girls are safe and together with your families. I do hope that we will all emerge from this corona thing soon. Now that we are inside most of the time, I started to play with our sales database, trying to remember what was done, how it was made and...
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    Solved Select query on form, update one row at a time?

    I have a select query that shows all orders placed during the day. The status of the order is "ordered". The query works fine, and it is placed on a form. What I have to do is to change the status of each order separately when the package is sent. I have created a column on query that...
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    Listbox onClick event to refresh current form

    Hello everyone, I hope someone will have an answer for the question that is bugging me. When I open Sales form and go to NewRecord in order to enter new sale, SaleID field (which is also AutoNumber field and a PK for tblSales) is blank. It says (New), and that is OK since nothing is entered...
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    Dlookup with multiple criteria

    I have been searching for answer to the issue that has been troubling me lately. This is my first access database project, so I expect a lot of things to go sideways, especially since I lack skills. Anyway, I have a table called PriceHistory and it holds ProductID, Price, StartDate (date is in...
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    Hello to all

    Alex here, from Serbia. Newcomer to Access and to this forum, but in my defense I have been searching for answers here for the past few months.
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