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    Solved IF OR AND statement vba, multiple conditions

    Hi everyone, I have a very long If statement which i have realised only applies the "AND" to the last "OR" I have entered. Basically i have a dropdown box and once the record is complete, depending on the "Move_Reason" certain fields can or cannot have certain data in them. Some "Move_Reason"...
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    Serial Number Search Form (enter list of serial and see latest related movement for each record)

    Hi everyone. In my database its normal to scan a serial number for an item and see where it was last used (Movement, Shipment, etc) Currently I have a form with a textbox to enter the serial and then a query displaying the related movement from the movement table. But I would like the user to...
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    Add Working Days, excluding We & hols. Function is mixing dd/mm

    Hi everyone, im hoping this is an easy question to answer. I found some code online for add or subtracting working days and excluding holidays utilizing a table to list the bank holidays etc. the function seems to be switching the dd/mm if its possible, i have a holiday date 10/04/2020...
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    Splitform w/Subform. subforms new record button applying to parent forms record

    Hi everyone, Im hoping someone can help with this. I have a Splitform"Stocktable" and it has a subform "StockMove" (The splitform only displays the datasheet half and the individual fields are hidden) A user will select a line/record in the Datasheet and relating stock moves appear in the...
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    Solved DoCmd.openform (Setting variable default value in destination form)

    Hi there, I have several forms (sales order, purchase order, invoice) that all use one "notes" form. When i click a button on the origin form it opens the "notes" form and populates the "Tbl_Note_Parent_Ref" field with the reference from the origin form but.. if the origin ref ([crm-1-ref]) is...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, Im jordon. I've been working on Access for about 5 years now but i've never learnt any VBA etc, i've just googled to find solutions to get things to work. Anyway im starting to focus more on the VBA aspect on my database but it is difficult as i cant write any code without having to...
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