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  1. Dick7Access

    Illegals instructed to vote for Biden - cheating plan for 2024

    In states like Connecticut, when you get a license, you are automatically registered to vote. No questions asked. Somebody here please help out this poor ignorant country boy. Why would anybody that’s an American citizen, what to give Putin, Xi Jinping, Ebrahim Raisi, Abdul Latif Rashid, Andrés...
  2. Dick7Access

    word 365 page boarder

    Yea, sounds like that may work, thanks. Still would like to just shorten the top and bottom boarder so I could use what word has, (probable not possible) as mama wants 50 different one for each week. Actually I have about 50 different poses of me, but don't think that is what she has in mind.
  3. Dick7Access

    word 365 page boarder

    Thanks for replying. Nice video, but I already known how to make boarders, in fact if you looked at attachment i was even able to remove left boarder that will be in binding. What wife wanted me to do is remove Christmas trees along top and bottom that extend into binding.
  4. Dick7Access

    word 365 page boarder

    Help Mama driving me crazy again. she wants less Christmas trees across top and bottom of page boarder. I have googled for 2 days see attachment
  5. Dick7Access

    ChatGPT on Rhode Island S2622

    Any doubt why I moved out of RI
  6. Dick7Access

    Gmail moving mail

  7. Dick7Access

    Gmail moving mail

    Why is Gmail moving old messages from labels I put them in back into my inbox? Everything I googled wants to tell me how to move them. I know how to move them, I just want them to stay there. Any ideas?
  8. Dick7Access

    This will oust the corruption of transgender

    Simple solutions: (facetiousness) Three categories so that no one is discriminated against: We will now have three categories of competition. Category 1 All Woman Category 2 Woman with ****** Category 3 Woman with penis
  9. Dick7Access


    Yes, being on the road so much I can't peruse some of my other passions such as motorcycle racing, stock car racing, but makings DB in motel is very convenient.
  10. Dick7Access


    This is too much. I finally found a direct number use http for hotelxxx. However could not understand half his words. Asked if he had handy-cap room, yes but I had to book it thru third party. (Don’t ask me why, he couldn’t tell me) I think he might have meant their Corp number. Out of...
  11. Dick7Access


    Pat, I don’t have time for snail mail, my departure date is Jan. 3th, Snail mail would not get to destination by Jan. 3rd. (example) If I put “Hold Mail” form in mail box outside my local post office, (Belleview, FL), Its pick up by local post office personnel, put in a truck an taken to...
  12. Dick7Access


    Just spend lengthy amount of time trying to find phone number of specific hotel. All results are going thru third party. Which if I book thru them they can't guarantee handy-cap room. Even googled web site, of specific hotel, still takes me thru third party. Even googled how to get around...
  13. Dick7Access

    Is it Actually Racist?

    run for president Pat, run!
  14. Dick7Access

    Oh baby, baby...

    easy for you guys to say, when I screw up I forget I can blame it on old age
  15. Dick7Access

    Pat Hartman

    While trying sorting by dates it only sorted for current month, and my thoughts were event if I find a way to include all folders It will be hard to find something that I am not sure if its from 2 years or 3 years ago. However looking for such a sorting feature (NONE) showed up. That seems to...
  16. Dick7Access

    Pat Hartman

    No none
  17. Dick7Access

    Pat Hartman

    Pat, I never got any response on general post of AWF. Would you help me out. Its difficult for me to find anything on Win 11 explore. How do I get everything to line up on the right side of explorer. In all other versions I could put an a or one in front of folder name and keep it at the top...
  18. Dick7Access

    Also Big Bussiness

    Not sure what Amazons reason for making it so difficult to delete an item in cart, but whatever it is they have lost three sales from me, because there is an item in my cart that I don’t want and can’t delete. Spent considerable time in amazon looking for delete button and googling it to no avail.
  19. Dick7Access

    Win 11 file manager / Atlanta traffic

    For some reason I am not getting any response. On file manager. Maybe some are thinking I am joking. Look I know I can sort the right column. 0-9, A-H, I-P and Q-Z, but If I sort 0-9 all it brings up is folder that I have a number before them but not my folders starting with a letter, similar...
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