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    Welcome to AWF, Jaks!
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    Welcome to AWF, teemax!
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    Finding missing No

    Here is some info about autonumbers from UtterAccess. What they are NOT: 1. Row (record) sequence numbers. 2. An "order of entry into the table" number 3. A "gapless" series of numbers. 4. Editable numbers. 5. A series of (necessarily) always increasing numbers. 6. Intended to be viewed/used by...
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    When you choose a year in the form fill in the right records

    knoet, Can you step back and tell us a bit about your database application? Not only do current readers need some context in order to offer focused advice, but anyone reading this post in future would be "lost/confused" without some additional descriptive material. What is/are "right records...
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    Time to get serious

    Hi Craig. Welcome to AWF.The site has a broad range of users and experiences. I'm sure you'll get answers/advice if you pose any questions clearly. The players are all volunteers and will assist where possible.
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    Hello Access World!

    Hi and welcome to AWF!
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    Combine record with Same name and add quantity

    Suggest for thoroughness you consider: Medication name (DIN) Medication strength (if applicable) Quantity Person name/id doing this transaction Patient receiving the medication Date/timestamp Directed by (Doctor)
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    Combine record with Same name and add quantity

    Good point Roger. In any hospital situation that would be a med-error with serious repercussion possible-especially to the patient.
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    Hierarchical Data, Recursion, Tree-Views, and a Custom Class to Assist

    Can someone point to the latest database with the latest features mentioned in this thread? There seems to be a lot of conversation and additional code, but I haven't found the authoritative file with latest info. MajP, you've done a lot of great work on this !!
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    Hi and welcome aboard AWF!
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    Discrete Modular Design

    Thales750, Is this a hypothetical to get some ideas from others, or a serious design consideration? I agree with comments , and it is a bit thought provoking. The typical issue we see with front-ends is where user-developers build and use a single front end----and do not have individual FE on...
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    When is the database be called "functional"?

    moi, Further to the responses received so far, here's a link to project management concepts that apply to database, building a house, starting a business....
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    Thank You Jon

    Welcome to AWF, Rodney!
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    Coming to a Country Near You

    Or using AI/SORA/World Simulators to conjure up things that only exist in some perverted mind.
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    Welcome aboard AWF!
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    New... but Not new to the forum!

    Welcome back to the forum, Plukey!
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    Debug error???

    Tim, Here's a link to an older article by Martin Green on Dynamic Reports. His website is no longer online AFAIK, but the article is still relevant and the link points to an archived site. You may find it helpful for concepts and examples.
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    Debug error???

    Tim, You have received responses to your "debugging issue". I suggest you tell us more about the Reports you wish to run and the combobox used to select such reports.
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    Hello World - I'm Caroline

    Welcome to AWF, Caroline
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    Save the names of tables, forms, and reports in a Microsoft Access database to a table named "ObjectNames.

    Ramzi, Based on your original request, saving names of tables/forms and reports to your own table, you have been given various options -all relating to MSysObjects. However, it seems to me that your underlying issue is assigning roles and permissions to various users, and that your desired...
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