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    Setting the default value to the last used value

    Did you select Event Procedure and paste it in the code window? And ensure that control name is correct. I would use the After Update event of each control.
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    How to send different attachments to different recipients

    Concatenate the file name with the field value from the recordset in the Attchments line.
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    VBA Code for IIf statement

    I explained how you do it using an Update Query.
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    Calculated textbox to table

    My post came a bit late because I'm logged in from my phone.
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    Calculated textbox to table

    If it's another table that you want to update, create an Update Query that references the calculated value and use RunSql or Currentdb.Execute to fire the query. Everyone else makes a good point about not saving calculated values though, but sometimes needs must.
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    Query "And" on same field

    Ah alright, I understood it differently. I'll take a back seat now that you're back online.
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    DateDiff Function

    She's always looking for new functionality ;) You can look into the RGB() function.
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    Create hyperlink to open Access form

    I'm not on a pc at the moment but check the DesktopPath variable to ensure that it's returning a value, then step through each line as it runs.
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    Looping through Files - Access holding on to first file name

    Very good! :) Welcome to AWF by the way.
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    Improve Efficiency

    Select Count(id) in the recordset sql and return that field value. That's lightening fast. Include a forward only option too.
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    Remove "potential security concern"

    There's only the registry option.
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    Looping through Files - Access holding on to first file name

    Remember I mentioned "Subsequent calls". You've already called it once before the loop so where do you think the next call to Dir() should go? Have a think.
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    Position cursor to left bottom of control

    I'm not a laptop at the moment but if I remember correctly certain controls have a Context menu property where you specify the name of a context/pop up menu to allocate to the control. Access handles the rest.
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    Report loop -slight issue with ' or ""

    I said that in jest :) But seeing the code you most likely need an Else or Else If statement instead of two If blocks.
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    Report loop -slight issue with ' or ""

    For your eyes only then ;)
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    Report loop -slight issue with ' or ""

    Best way to learn and remember ;) What code did you use and what was the result? It's all related so the same thread is fine.
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    Report loop -slight issue with ' or ""

    Do stuff and see the result ;) And I can see that you've chosen to still open the report beforehand.
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    External Name not defined

    If you Google "how to set a breakpoint in VBA" you should find lots of useful information. Might be best looking for videos on it.
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    Looping through Files - Access holding on to first file name

    Following Gasman's advice, subsequent calls to the Dir() function gets the next matching file path. By the way instead of copying the file across and deleting it, you could move the file... same process as cut and paste.
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    External Name not defined

    Oh I see. You can't run that sub in the immediate window. Only public functions or subs in a Standard Module (not a Form Module) can be run from the immediate window. You can however put a break point in the sub and test the initialised variables in the immediate window when it breaks.
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