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    Recover Database Password - Access 2000

    This utility allows the recovery of database passwords - NOT for Workgroup files.
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    Access 2007 Runtime

    This is posted strictly as FYI You may download a copy of Access 2007 Runtime from the following location:
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    Exporting a form to dynamic HTML format

    Good morning all Anyone out there have any experience with Dynamic HTML. I have tried just about everything with this and cannot get my web data to update when the data in the table is changed. I'm exporting to ASP, have added a DSN with the proper database. I seem to have done everything...
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    Customer Phone List

    This example allows the user to select all the names that start with the same letter or select all.
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    Report OrderBy via a popup form

    This sample allows the user to select the OrderBy of a report via a popup form.
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    Filter Report from Popup Form

    This allows the user to filter a report data from the popup form Access 2000
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    Form Letter Generator

    This utility allows the user to create and manage form letter. Originally done using Access 1.0 / 1.1
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    Survey Generator

    This utility was originally written using Access 1.0 / 1.1 .
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    Clocks from around the world

    This application has been built around the Time Zone data stored on your computer. 'The Key where the TimeZones are kept are diferent from NT to 9x systems Public Const cstrKeyTZI_9X = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\" Public Const cstrKeyTZI_NT =...
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    Adding a "Tip of the Day" feature to a database

    This sample shows how to add a "Tip of the Day" feature to any database.
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    Display Picture Without Storing the File in the Database

    This sample database shows how you can display an image without storing the image in the database, simply by storing the path and the name of the file, therefore allowing you to store an unlimited number of images. Also included are a few sample files to try this out.
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    Creating a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID)

    This sample database shows how to create a GUID.
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    Message Box Workshop

    The utility allows you to create a Message box without any coding at all...once done, simply copy the code into your application. Multiple lines of text are allowed in the message area.
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    Gantt Chart using the Microsoft Chart Control

    Self explanatory sample of how to craete a Gantt chart using the Chart control
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    Color Translator

    This utility allows the user to select a foreground or background color using the 3 slider controls for each of the RGB components. Once the selection is complete, the user may use the Decimal value as the color value.
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    Drag and Drop between two lists

    Sample database showing of this function is performed in MS Access.
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    Trigonometric functions

    ArcCos, Arccosec,Arccotan,Arcsec, Arcsin, etc. and PI. All functions well documented. 24 Trig functions in all
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    Area and Volume functions

    Covers Area of a circle,Area of a sphere,Area of a trapezoid .... 18 functions in all.
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    Fancy 3D Image Buttons

    This sample database shows how to fancy up a form with 3D Image Buttons.
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    How to programmatically select the default printer

    This example shows how to select and set the default printer.
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