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  1. nanscombe

    Are you an atheist?

    I'd rather watch a two hour long science fiction film about a being who visits Earth and inspires awe in the people with their advanced technology. All sorts of tricks can be achieved by film makers and magicians.
  2. nanscombe

    Are you an atheist?

    But who created the raw materials to make the button?
  3. nanscombe

    Toggling combo box language (value list) using a command button

    I believe you just need to add the "Rowsource" method to your code. And for cmd_En : Private Function cmd_En_Click() Me.cbo_Organ.Rowsource = "select distinct bodySystem, organLatinName" & _ "from tbl_organs " & _ " order by bodySystem;" End Function And for cmd_Ar : Private Function...
  4. nanscombe

    Stamping a New Record with the Current User Name Only Once??

    ... not to mention deleting records without a trace.
  5. nanscombe

    locating all of the 3 digit numbers

    Is there a missing comma between "111" and "-2"? If the column is numeric you could also try SELECT fieldName FROM theTable WHERE abs(someField) < 1000;
  6. nanscombe

    Against forum rules?

    Oh ho, Peterborough. There's a blast from the past. :eek: I did a four month stint of Access development at our Peterborough office (Orton Goldhay) back in 2000. I think they were trying to get me to move from Kent and out of the London office. :p Surprisingly enough, I didn't take them up on...
  7. nanscombe

    Typical Access Interview

    I guess it would be one way to judge whether you knew things by heart, from years of experience, or simply went off to Google, or the Help facility, and plagiarised example code. You'd probably only have to go to Subroutine or Function level for some of the controls and put a remark in...
  8. nanscombe

    VBA to recognise which button was clicked

    There is also the ActiveControl property which returns the control which is active as a control object. Dim ctlCurrentControl As Control Set ctlCurrentControl = Screen.ActiveControl If ctlCurrentControl.Name = "txtCustomerID" Then . . ' Do something here. . ElseIf...
  9. nanscombe

    Are you an atheist?

    Most of the time when people make grammatical errors we do accept them by taking them at face value. However, those errors may change the intended meaning of what was written and people react to what the author actually wrote rather than what was in their head at the time.
  10. nanscombe

    Are you an atheist?

    In the UK the church has not been placed in the position of being forced to marry same sex couples. However, any Christian denomination that wants to (apart from the Church of England, ie the State religion) will be free to do so. The Catholic church would also be unlikely to do so. Until...
  11. nanscombe

    Are you an atheist?

    For thousands of years most, if not all, "men" (everyone after Adam & Eve) have been man-made, without the intervention of a god, as well.
  12. nanscombe

    Pass table names to delete query

    strSQL = "DELETE rs(TableName).*, rs(TableName).SubjectID " & _ "FROM rs(TableName);" If you are deleting the whole record I don't know that you need the extra ".SubjectID" part. It could be simplified as ... strSQL = "DELETE * FROM [" & rs(TableName) & "];" I have included "[" and "]"...
  13. nanscombe

    Are you an atheist?

    It could be somewhat difficult to reconcile the existence of God with the disbelief in the concept of gods.
  14. nanscombe

    Are you an atheist?

    "gave his accounting of the actual creation in writing to Moses back about 3-4000 years ago" ... One might ask what was God doing for the rest of the 4,500,000,000 years (age of the earth) or 13,800,000,000 years (age of the universe)? ETA: Maybe some advanced alien race did make the Earth...
  15. nanscombe

    Are you an atheist?

    There may well be conclusive proof of the existence of an advanced being, who could exhibit godlike powers, but that wouldn't mean they were a god. Some events from the Bible could now be seen as routine medical achievements but were considered as miraculous to people two thousand years ago, it...
  16. nanscombe

    Making Data Secure

    If appropriate, you might be able to use a tabbed control with one tab having all the sensitive fields on it which could be hidden, or revealed, by using password in one action.
  17. nanscombe

    Decryption Medoth Skips character at indexes of length of Key

    I would probably put a breakpoint at the beginning, watches on the values of your loops and single step through the code. Look out for any unexpected values where your loop counters reset. I suspect that there might be a line of code which resets a pointer incorrectly, 0 instead of 1 or 1...
  18. nanscombe

    linebreaks not working in multiline string

    You're welcome. :)
  19. nanscombe

    linebreaks not working in multiline string

    As an aside the "&_" construct is used to continuation of a single command line over several lines, it does not insert line breaks.
  20. nanscombe

    linebreaks not working in multiline string

    To use multiple SQL commands on one line you need to terminate each command, except for the last one, with a semicolon. SQL command 1; SQL command 2; SQL command 3 Batches of SQL Statements To take one of your options as an example: sSQL = "RESTORE DATABASE [" & txtEngID.Value & "]" & _...
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