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    Take a look at the Format command
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    Help please

    Good afternoon Sometimes string formatting can get a bit unreal. You could put 2 separate text boxes at the footer, one would be called Date() and the other one Time(). It's a simple fix for now. Please see Report1 in the attached database Best regards Maurice
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    Accessing correct Combo box column from Query

    Set your column widths to 0", 1", 1" so that column 1 will be hidden
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    Changing the paper size on a report

    FYI . here is the Q129748 article. Maurice When you use the PrtDevMode property, keep the following printer driver characteristics in mind: - Set only those members that the printer driver supports. For example, if you set a custom page size for a driver that does not support a...
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    New Year Resolutions

    As we all start a new year, it is time again to make those ever so important New Year's Resolutions. I have faithfully made such resolutions in the past, and while I haven't been able to keep all of them, I have tried my best to continue making progress on them year after year. Following is...
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    Compact resulting in copies on the network

    Hello What happens when you Compact the file on your local C:\ drive? Maurice
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    A specific type of Database

    Hello Maybe you could take a look at some of the database models that may apply to your situation ... Maurice
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    Very Urgent: Deadline very near, help, help, help

    Hello Maybe if you produced some kind of specs. we might be tempted to help ... so, what have you done so far? The best of luck for the next 4 1/2 days Maurice
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    Code causing crash

    Hello Maybe you could post your database so we could take a look at it, or maybe just send it to me at: Best regards Maurice St-Cyr
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    Code causing crash

    Hi Is the app. running on a server or local? The following suggestions may help you to diagnose the problem: - If the workstation has a complete Microsoft Access installation, quit and then restart Microsoft Access on the workstation, and see if it operates correctly without using the...
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    Code To Check If An Application Is Running

    Good morning The answer to this may be found in Microsoft Knowledge base, Article Q88167 The API function used to determine if a specific program is running is called FindWindow(). FindWindow() returns the handle of the window whose class is given by the lpClassName parameter and whose...
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    Daycare management database

    Good morning Perhaps you could elaborate on you requirements..
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    Can Anyone do me this acess project with in 48 hours

    Hello NO ... this is not homework central ... you're on your own
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    Recover Database Password - Access 2000

    This utility allows the recovery of database passwords - NOT for Workgroup files.
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    Set Default Printer in Module

    Hi John That's what I'm running here, Windows 2000... I also tried it on Windows 98 and it runs quite well on both systems Maurice
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    Set Default Printer in Module

    Hi John Do any of the References have the word MISSING in front of them? If so, simply uncheck them and click OK. Hope this helps. Maurice Here's a complete blurb on References.... This can be caused by differences in either the location or file version of certain files between the machine...
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    Set Default Printer in Module

    Hi John Office 2000 is good, however it is not the operating system...Windows 95,98, etc. would be. In order to check the References, just go into any Module and then from the Menu, select Tools ->References. Maurice
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    turn off db remotely

    Hello I would guess that you have a BE/FE configuration. If this is the case, then you can have the database shut down after a certain time of inactivity. Maurice
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    Automatic search for UnitPrice

    Good morning Just place the corresponding table field on the main form and HIDE it. Then in the AfterUpdate event of the combo you just set the value to the Combo value. If you need additional help, just post back Maurice
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    Set Default Printer in Module

    Hi John Out of the 1101 downloads, there has been 1 report of a problem with the database and that was on a Windows XP machine. Have you checked the References?? Maurice
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