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    Solved Need help in Query

    I am currently updating a project I inherited. I am trying to simplify some of the queries and I come accross this: SELECT DISTINCT DWR_1.NDEQRNo, DWR_1.ID AS RecID, DWR_Spools.ProjID, DWR_1.StatCode, DWR_Spools.DwgNo, DWR_Spools.SpoolNo, ([DWR_Spools]![WeldNoPrefix]+"-") &...
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    Solved Error 1004 Unable to set the WindowState property of the Application class

    I want to do late binding on an Excel application object but I am having an Error 1004 (Unable to set the WindowState property of the Application class) if I do it that way. The code runs fine when the Excel object library is referenced. Dim objExcel As Object Dim objWorkbook As...
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    Help with VBScript date

    What is wrong with this code? I am finding the last file backup with date in the filename e.g. Filename_(2020-01-23).ext. I can extract the date expression from the filename but when I try to change it to date, it gives a different date. The code below is incomplete just showing the relevant...
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    Hello All

    First off, I am sorry for the confusion I inadvertently created recently with all the thanks that I purportedly given to posts. Even I was taken aback with the PMs I received about this. At first I thought my account was hacked. When I looked back to what I did the last few days, I realized...
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