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  1. ahmedjamalaboelez

    prohibit save records before click save button in multiSubforms in one form

    good day every one , :coffee: 1st , i really like the new cool design of the forums,and i really appreciate your help in the following discussion🥰 subject : - for each data table in my database i use 2 tables to prohibit automatic save , Ex. one is (users) and the second is (users-mod). - both...
  2. ahmedjamalaboelez

    SQL Server Query convert to access query

    I already tried this, but resulted error , not recognized Sql |Of Access
  3. ahmedjamalaboelez

    SQL Server Query convert to access query

    Gentlemen, Company (IT) team provide me with SQL Server Query which result in sales query , no errors while running on our MS SQL Server Machine , i already linked required tables in my access database because i need to make more advanced reports , but i can not write this kind of queries in...
  4. ahmedjamalaboelez

    loop through table records

    Mr. ArnelGp this is attached Picture for what i wanted to do in my sample access database and before i publish you just wrote the code , :eek: really Iam very happy to see the result :eek:: really thank you , and thanks to every one reply to my post or even take a look:):):):):)
  5. ahmedjamalaboelez

    loop through table records

    i can be a loyal servant for the man who give me benefit information, because i appreciate the people who have the knowledge,:) i will not post there "utter access"any more ,:banghead: and i'm not in hurry :eek: and i really tried to to work with the code but my knowledge with access vba is...
  6. ahmedjamalaboelez

    loop through table records

    boss , I'm not manipulating i just want to get help , and because i am in hurry to solve it i just post it there in utter access , i have no knowledge of "crossposting " , :banghead:
  7. ahmedjamalaboelez

    loop through table records

    Mr. Adam , i never intended to waste time of you , but i really want help in this issue to solve , i try to delete from Utter Access but i do not know how to delete it i can not find delete button :D , iam not a vba-programmer iam just access beginner , i just inventory accountant and i got...
  8. ahmedjamalaboelez

    loop through table records

    boss really i tried but i cannot , iam not that well knowing with vba , i used to do it manually before entering to company system , but it takes a lot of time especially if iam need to issue 100 items in one invoice
  9. ahmedjamalaboelez

    loop through table records

    Gentlemen, good day i need your help regarding attached database i have 3 tables 1 - invoice lines 2 - store available loots ( every loot has its own cost) 3 - invoice usage material when i click invoice post button , i need loop event , to create records in table (invoice usage materials )...
  10. ahmedjamalaboelez

    Secure my database

    good day my friends, I have an access database , i want to protect it , then i searched on the internet , i found some steps , but they still can connect to the database and import tables and data , the following steps i made - Cancel bypass Key ( Shift ) - Cancelling Special Keys - Hide...
  11. ahmedjamalaboelez

    Prohibit Auto Save of MS Access form Data

    I tried this , But I can work in sub form before it saves ??
  12. ahmedjamalaboelez

    Prohibit Auto Save of MS Access form Data

    Good Day Every one I have a form contains 2 sub forms in "data sheet"Layout , But if mistakenly update afield then leave field of couple of fields , data automatically updated in tables before i click save button , is there is any way to Just update if I clicked save button ? especially for...
  13. ahmedjamalaboelez

    Remote Access to Database

    Heather , I was suffering of the Same Problem long time ago , but The Good News, there's a possible way , its fast solution with stable performance , - Use LOGMEIN HAMATCHI VPN NETWORK , I already Use it , so MS access database can connect Through The Real IP Of The VPN Network Created By...
  14. ahmedjamalaboelez

    Slow performance over network advice required,

    I think you should use SQL Server , that will save time and information , migrate your back end to SQL server , and that's will be good solution ,
  15. ahmedjamalaboelez

    Remote SqlServer Connection

    RANMAN256, Thanks for reply , But i Already tried , but It Takes Much time to bring data in addition to drop in internet problems ,so if i can control opening the connection and close with code that will be easier. Thanks
  16. ahmedjamalaboelez

    Remote SqlServer Connection

    Hi Every Body, I really need help in this , I Have remote SQL Server 2017 Database on GEAR HOST , and i need Sample code to connect to this Database and Drop This data to Text boxes in my form , I appreciate your help to find sample code to connect to this remote database and select data and...
  17. ahmedjamalaboelez

    VBA to export query to Excel and open Excel without saving

    :eek: you are excellent
  18. ahmedjamalaboelez

    InitialiseEvents problem Plz Help

    Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer) InitialiseEvents Me End Sub Quesion ! when Run this Function on form all form ctrls affected but not Subform ctrls plz help ??????? what Could Change to apply it on Subform Ctrls ????? Public Function InitialiseEvents(frm As Access.Form) Dim...
  19. ahmedjamalaboelez

    Change font color on ALL form controls on "Got Focus" and "Lost Focus"

    Re: Change font color on ALL form controls on "Got Focus" and "Lost Focus" plz Question the Public Sub InitialiseEvents(ByRef frmThisForm As Form) How could i make for sub form controls >>>>>> in this main form
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