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  1. Auntiejack56

    this version was configured for a 32-bit version of access

    Sorry, but where do I look for the bitness of my Access 365 version? I've hunted high and low - I just assumed it was 64 bit but a client got the following message after opening my new app: "this version was configured for a 32-bit version of access". Any clues would be appreciated...
  2. Auntiejack56

    SQL responds quickly for first data request, then sluggish for any others

    Hi, I have an Access 365 FE with a SQL Server Express backend. It works fine in test on my machine (which has both FE and BE). FE is 4mb, backend has half a doz fact tables with 2-300 records in each. I've migrated the SQL to the client's (cloud) server, and connected the FE to it from the...
  3. Auntiejack56

    Digital signatures

    Here I am again, sorry folks, picking your brains ... I was looking into getting my code signed, and found a few CA vendors like Comodo and DigiCert and was considering signing on the dotted line when I found this...
  4. Auntiejack56

    Open Exclusive

    Hi folks, I have distributed split databases for clients over a number of years, with front ends always deployed to each users C drive, and optimised in fairly standard ways that you'd all be familiar with. In the present case, I am deploying to users with weedy little notebooky things that are...
  5. Auntiejack56


    Hi, I have been experimenting with connecting my Access Database to an Odata source. Works a treat. But can it be made secure? And I mean, very secure. Any ideas? Thanks, Jack
  6. Auntiejack56

    Relinking via DSN to SQL Server

    Hi, I'm just starting to use Access 365 and a newly downloaded SQL Express. The LTM is confusing. My tables are all connected to a Prod server on a different machine, and I'd like to relink them to my test SQL Server. In the old LTM I'd select 'Prompt for new location', and I would browse for...
  7. Auntiejack56

    Calculated Fields in SQL

    Hi all, There was a time when this query would give an error, because you couldn't use a calculated field in a second calculation in the same query: SELECT Len([EntrantName])*[EntrantID] AS EntrantCode, tblEntrants.EntrantName, IIf([EntrantCode]>50,[EntrantCode],[EntrantName]) AS...
  8. Auntiejack56

    Cannot work out how to extend the layout to a new section

    Hi, I am creating reports automagically by selecting an existing query and clicking Create Report. Very cool and the layouts are easy to modify. In fact, the same Layout extends from the Header section across the detail section, which makes it easy to resize columns without manually re-aligning...
  9. Auntiejack56

    Sydney Aust

    Hi all, I'm a long-time Access dev, mainly working in Banking and Finance for the last couple of decades. I've led a few access dev teams, and been involved with creation and management of SDLCs, a complex task given the built-in controls and restrictions that banks want - eg software libraries...
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