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    Search Button Based from Query

    Hello, I am in the process of creating a simple database that has a table of data, a query that filters, and a form that searches through the records based on the filters in the query. What I have so far is three combo boxes in the form that I would like to be able to search from. However, the...
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    Search Button Help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to MS Access and especially to VBA code. I'm trying to have my search button in a form find contact information based on what I type in the text boxes. However, my code (that a friend tried helping me with) keeps giving me a compile error when I try and run it. Is there...
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    Hello Everyone

    I am brand new to MS Access and especially VBA. I'm currently in the beautiful Colorado area. I look forward to providing any help and getting help from others through my Access journey.
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