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    Solved Button to reset/refresh form

    Hello again! I've made a button that is supposed to clear all the search filters and reset the output. I'm able to clear all the search filters but I'm unsure how to clear the output. This is the code I have so far for the button: Private Sub Command54_Click() Me.Field1.Value = ""...
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    Solved FollowHyperlink method + Control Source within keyword searchbox

    I have two columns in my form that use keyword searches where the keyword search also includes parts of the hyperlink. For example a single row with a text called "Family" that is hyperlinked to a pdf (i.e. Documents/FamilyDoc55.pdf) on the computer. When I type in "pdf" or any part of the...
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    Solved Hyperlink to excel worksheet names with spaces

    Hello again! I'm currently trying to hyperlink to specific excel worksheet names that have spaces in them. I can get it the hyperlink working without the spaces i.e: C:\Users\Desktop\Excel.xlsx#Sheet1!A1. But if there's a space between Sheet and 1, i.e: Sheet 1, I can not longer get the...
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    Keyword search is taking in the hyperlink

    Hello again! Unfortunately, I have more hyperlink issues with my form... I have two records that use keyword searches to lookup certain names. However, I recently realized that the keyword search also includes parts of the hyperlink. For example: A single field with a text called "Family"...
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    Solved Hyperlink remains in exported excel file from a form; wish to remove.

    Hello! I have some hyperlinks in my tables and when I export these fields into excel from forms I get a string that looks something like this: Family# Is it possible to have the export omit the "#" so that the cell is just "Family"? Thank you!
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    Form not longer works when database is transferred from Access 2019 to 2013

    Hello! I transferred my database from a PC with Access 2019 MSO (32 bit) to my other PC that has Access 2013 (64bit) and the form's search functions (keyword search and dropdowns) no longer work. Anyone else experience this before and is there a way to remedy this issue? Thanks again, Nikki
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    Solved Can't save any of my databases as a ACCDE.

    Hello! I've been trying to save some of my databases as an ACCDE using the "Make ACCDE" option. However, no matter which databases I use or where I save them or how I name the ACCDE file, I get these error messages shown in my attached pictures. I got one of the databases attached. I'm...
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    Hyperlink Path

    Hello! Thanks for your help!
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    Cascading Comboboxes not working in form

    Hello! First post on this forum! I'm trying to create a form that grabs data based on items selected on the subform. Thanks to the help of someone here, I was able to search for data from one of the lists. Now I want to create a second list that is based on the value from the first list...
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