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    vba exporting query to excel based on certain field

    Hello All, I'm stuck on this VBA code and cant seem to see what's wrong. running... access 2016, excel 2016 objective... have a query named “QryDetailParticipants401” contains four fields, cycler, RptName, Company, LastName. I would like to export the records into a spreadsheet...
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    formating and sending emails in access with vba

    Hello, I'm running: access 2016 outlook 2016 having a few issues... 1) need to be able to state certain font and size for email 2) need to be able to make certain words in the body bold 3) email need to be Send From a different email address, not mine the code...
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    email using vba in access looping thru recordset

    I am curenttly using some code I found online and it is working. I just have two issues that I would like to modify 1) I would like at add a FROM field so that the email comes from that email and not my email 2) I would like to format the "body" of the email in this fashion... Dear Sir...
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    Merge Multiple PDF into one thru VBA

    I have a current VBA script that loops thru every recordset and export 7 reports into 7 pdfs with a unique file name derived from the "CustomerID" field in the recordset... so 1000 records means I have a folder with 7000 pdfs all with unique filenames. now I need to merge every 7 into 1...
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    Export Acess Report into Single One Page PDF

    Hello, I have an Access DB with a report that contains 1000s records, looking to export into multiple PDFs while filtering on an unique field name and then using that same field in the naming convention. I am fairly new to the VBA world so an help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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