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    How can I convert a number to time?

    I would like to convert a number such as 15.25 to 3:15 pm. What is the easiest way to accomplish this? Thanks.
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    How do I round off time

    I've searched the forum but have found difficulty in solving this problem. I am trying to round off times to the nearest half hour. To be clear, I don't want to only round down or only round up. I need the rounding to be to the nearest half hour. I want to do this in the query, not vba...
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    Need a programmer for hire

    Not sure if this is the right discussion group for this but here goes... I own a small business and it's growing. In the past I have set up access databases for my needs and it did the job. But now I'm a bit older (52) and need help with customizing access to fill my needs. A good knowledge...
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    Lookup values won't format my numbers correctly

    I have a lookup value that accesses a table. The table values are set at 3 decimals. The value that is placed into looked up and placed into the data cell is formatted to 3 decimals. In fact it even displays 3 decimals after the value is selected. The problem that is driving me nuts is wen...
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    dynamic search box possible in VBA?

    Some time ago I took a class in Visual Basic Studio and had to construct a simple form which was linked to a database. I had a search box on the form that would filter my search results as I typed. In other words for every key stroke I made I could watch the filter working away filtering my...
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    Is there a data entry shortcut for Entering a Date?

    I want to increase or decrease the date by 1 by simply using the plus or minus key when I'm in a Date field. If any of you have use quickbooks you would be familiar with this nifty data entry technique when in a date field. In my access form, when I go to a new record, the first field is the...
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