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    Record source updated

    Hi, I tried to update the query in my record source of the report. There are two tables in query joined as they should be. I literally added just one column (with its alias) from one of the tables, something like: "Table1.Column As Alias" in the Query Bilder, and the report now won't open. I...
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    Solved Not able to delete files in folder

    Hi guys! I am working with some PDF's who are merged by some .dll. Merging process works fine, but if I want, for example, do the process again, I want old files (there are 3 of them) to be overwritten by the new ones, I am getting an error when an old file is about to be deleted (on kill...
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    Making installation of access application with .dll file

    Hello to everyone! 👋 I am brand new in this, I actually register myself here yesterday because i found some great answers while working with access :) I finished with my access application and now I need to send it to user. I usually send it through the mail but this time application uses...
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