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    Copy Report Layout to Word

    Hi all I have a database that I need to be able to create a report in a certain layout, once this has generated I need to be able to copy and paste this into a word document but keeping the layout of the report, Ideally I want a button the user clicks that automatically creates the report >...
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    ComboBox value to update another combo box

    Hi all strange one I know I have a form with the following fields CMbStaffName -Picks up from QRYAllAthorisedStaff CmbDepartment CmbArea When the staff name is chosen I want it to input the last entered department and Area for that staff member to be saved so when the same staff member is...
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    Add record to a different table than RecordSource

    Hi all bit of a confusing one TBLProductDetails TBLShippingDetails I have a form Main form: FRMProductDetails - RecordSource: ProductDetails If I have a text box named TXTShippingcode and I want to put the entry into a table that the form isn't a record source for (e.g. ShippingDetails) how do...
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    current / total number of records in Txtbox

    Hi all I have a text box I want to show the current record number and total records so it reads "1 of 10" etc, I have got it to work on my main form but cant on my sub form another any suggestions? it seems to recognise the first record as 0, so it reads "0 of 10" when I go to the next record it...
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    Disable Tabs and Right Click

    hi all I am looking for a way to the form hide tabs and disable right mouse click on loading a specific form but for the whole database rather than specific forms is this possible to do this via VBA?
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    Delete all records form Subform with Main Page Button

    Hi all I have the below, when "BtnDeleteAllRecords" is clicked from the main from I want to delete all records in the subform named "SFrmSubDetails", I tried doing a loop with the below code but no success, I have never done loops below so probably completely wrong, wasn't sure what I need to...
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    Copy Tabular Data into one Textbox

    Hi all I have a tabular form, when I click a button I need it to copy all the information on that record into two separate text boxes as shown below, any suggestions on how to do this?, I am having real issues trying to get the tabular data copied into a word document so I am hoping by doing...
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    New record in sub form - to specific field

    Hi all I have a form with a sub form, when I click the new record button on the main form I want it to start in a specific field on the sub form (StartDate), I have tried doing tabs which didn't work and also tried the below but stick the field has not been selected, any suggestions Private Sub...
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    1 of any value

    if all I have the below code, I want to do it so if the value = 1 of any number to hide a button how do you do this? If Me.TxtBottomBarExaminationNo >= "1 of #" Then BtnExaminationPrevious.Enabled = False Else BtnExaminationPrevious.Enabled = True End If
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    Inputting data into a webpage form automatically

    Hi all I have a webpage form I need filling out once a button is pressed on the Access form, this then auto populates the information from the access form onto the webpage, at the minute I am using tab stops which is starting to get a little messy as I need to press multiple tabs to get to the...
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    If code for combo box column 3

    hi all I have a combo box (CmbVehicleType), in the third column I have Fuel type, Diesel, Petrol Electric etc. I want an If query that if a car is selected it looks at column 3 on the drop down list and hides/unhides fields depending on the type, I tried the following code without any luck...
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    Buttons on footer to choose next / Previous Records on - SFrm

    Hi all I have got a main for with a sub form as shown below named below FrmMainDetails - Main From SFrmNewOrders - Sub Form From FrmMainDetails SSFrmBackOrders - Sub Form From SFrmOrders What I want is a footer on the main from so I can go through the relevant records and not make it look...
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    Record numbering

    hi all At the bottom of the form it shows record 1 of 10 for example, how do I show this on my actual form as I am removing this bottom bar and having my own footer instead
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    Auto Search REF number with lookup?

    Hi all I have a Field called AccountNumber on my form, when a user types the number I want it to automatically look up to see if it is currently on the system, if its a new number then carry on with the form, if there is already the same number present I want a popup message to say "this number...
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    Unbound Text Box showing Subform Data

    Hi all I ham trying to have some headers with some relivant info across the top I have 3 forms FrmFullDetails SFRMStaffDetails SFRMOfficeDetails In the form header of Full Details I want a TextBox to show relevant information so when the user scrolls down the page this stays at the top of the...
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    One main scroll bar for mutiple forms (subforms)

    Hi all I have a main form within that I have 2 subforms one under each other, I want to try and make it look like its all on one form so I have expanded them all to the correct size and removed the scroll bars from the subforms and left the main vertical scroll bar in place, the issue I have now...
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    Validation Text Format

    Hi all I have a textbox named Staff Number the numbers are one letter followed by 6 digits how to I do a popup window to stay it must be the letters G F or R followed by 6 numbers, if its not done correctly a message box pops up?
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    Combo box showing primary values

    Hi all I have a combo box (CmbStaffDetails) box showing a list of staff from a query named (QRYStaffDetails_InPost) this query shows what staff members are currently working. I Have three tables TBLStaffDetails StaffID (Primary Key / AutoNumber) Forename Surname Location (Lookup from...
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    Access Form Text Boxes (3 Questions)

    Hi all hope your all keeping safe during these strange times! wonder if you can help with three questions below :) 1: I have a form with 50 odd text boxes and depending on the drop down choice at the top I want them to be greyed out or not if the field names were for example: Txtbox01 Txtbox02...
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    Subform Count onto main from and Table

    Hi all I have a Subform within a main form I need a textbox on the main form that calculates a total number of records in the sub form and needs to save to the main table, I have tried a few different methods without any success, I have even tried calculating the record numbers on the SubForm...
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