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    Dcount week, starting Monday instead of Sunday

    Hello, I have the following Dcount query to display weekly record count. Access assumes the week starts on Sunday. I would like to, somehow, adjust this code to count from Monday instead. I thought it would be as easy as adjusting a setting in Options to start weeks on Monday but apparently...
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    Can commas be added to Dcount?

    I have several dcount functions on the bottom bar of my database. I am curious if you can separate records in the thousands by comma or not? For clarification, instead of "1541," it would read "1,541." Is this possible at all or would it just create an error? Thanks!
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    Edit button for records made by that user

    Currently, this is what I have setup: Dim UserLevel As String UserLevel = Nz(DLookup("[Role]", "[Employee List]", "[Employee Name]='" & [TempVars]![CurrentUserID] & "'"), 0) If UserLevel = "Admin" Then Me.AdminEdit.Visible = True Else Me.AdminEdit.Visible = False End If Edit...
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    Admin Button, Enter Password Only Once

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how I might modify the code I have so that admins only have to enter the password once per session instead of every time the button is clicked. This is what I have: Private Sub Adminbtn_Click() Dim strPasswd strPasswd = InputBox("Enter Password"...
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    Hide Button Based on User Role

    I have been trying to get this to work all day it seems. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I have a table [Employee List]. In that table I have [Employee Name] and their [Role] as fields. Role has either Admin or User as options. On the login form, I have a Combo box with their name, which they...
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    Search box on dashboard

    I have a main dashboard with a split form where the source is a query that displays only records with a blank field. I work at a plant where we have to check in and out trucks delivering parts. I have it setup this way so if their trailer # out is blank, it will display on the main dashboard...
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