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    VBA to run a BAT file in ms access 2016

    Hi guys, I am trying to run a bat file from a 2016 access database and i get an error "INVALID PROCEDURE CALL OR ARGUMENT". The VBA code i am using is attached to a button shell ("path\import_1.bat) Am i missing something? is there a specific reference that is required for running bat...
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    Preserve formatting when exporting from MS Access to MS Word

    Hi, Is there a way of preserving the formatting when exporting a report from MS ACCESS to MS WORD? Cheers V
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    Email all attachments in a record using vba

    Hello, I am using ms access 2016 and have a table that has attachments as one of my data field s. Each record in the table has approx 6-7 attachments. What I am trying to do is add All attachments to an email in outlook when I open the form to a particular record and click a button. Can...
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    Unmatched query issue

    Hello All, The attached database has 2 tables, Master and MXI. there are 3974 records in Master and 3950 records in MXi. I need an unmatched query that looks at both these tables and lists the 24 unmatched records . I need to find the record for field "CONFIG_POS_SDESC" in table Master that...
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    Condition format a date field

    Hello, I am after some help with condition formatting a date field in access. The query used for this field produces a date or "NA" based on the formula below. so when the date shows up as "NA" then i have set the condition formatting of the cell to grey and this works works well. but when it...
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    colour change in a bar graph

    Hi, I have a bar graph on a report in ms access that represents 4 different risks ie count on the y axis and risk type on the x axis (low, moderate high and extreme) Question: How do i get the each bar to automatically represent the colour based on the risk colours below? Low: Green...
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    Pass a command to a msg box and ignore user input

    Hi I have got the export process from Project to Access working quit well. I have a macro that automates this function when i run this export macro it asks me , whether i want to "Append" or "Overwrite "the Data. is there some code that can get rid of this msg box and automatically choose...
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    Vb script to open a password protected ms project file

    Hi, Does anyone have a vb script to open a password protected ms project file ? Thanks Viren
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    Get last updated value of an excel file in a field in access

    Hi, Can someone help me with some vba code which is able to get the last updated or last modified value of an excel file stored in a folder in a shared drive and update a field on a form in ms access. Thanks Viren
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    Query based on a form which had field names and some values

    Hi guys, I have a table listing about 20 elements as field names eg FE, CR, NI, TI and so on. I have built a form which has a combo box listing these elements by selecting "fields" in the property settings of the combo box & next to this combo box i have 2 text box's where the user can input...
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    Check if any records exist in subform

    Hi How do i check if any records exist in a subform... if there are records then tick checkbox , else untick. The code I 'm using doesnt seem to work If IsNull(Me.Unissued_material_list_subform) Then Me.Check92 = 0 Else Me.Check92 = -1 End Ifthanks.
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    Line Visibility property change based on field value

    Hi I need the visibility of a line to change based on a field value Line : Line241(Visible property set to "NO") Field : Notes4 The code below does not seem to affect the visibility of the line241 Please Help! Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer) If...
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    If statement : set focus problem

    Hi Can someone tell me what i am missing in the code below. what i want it to do is when "yes" is selected on msgbox then go to command1.set focus which is an OK button, if not set focus to the finish date field.. Thank you ! If me.Percent_Complete= "100" And me.M_Status = "Complete" Then...
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    update related tables when changing main table

    Hi I have created tbl_A,tbl_ B & tbl_C. and appended them all to tbl_Main. I Have staff input info in the main table but this does not change related info in table a, b & c. how do i change this to reflect the changes . An example would be really helpful. Cheers !
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    Copy files from local computer to a ftp site

    Hi guys I am searching for a vb script that can copy a specific file from my local computer to an ftp:// site. Is this possible? i found a few code examples on the net but nothing seems to work. Please help!
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    Isnull Function for combo box

    Hi guys Need help with an isnull function for a combo box. Combo box name : Qengines Record source for qengines is a query with criteria set to a value on the same form. When i hit command button (Create) on the form i want the combo box to check for null values. if it has values then...
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    open a secure database using vbs

    hi guys I have the following code that works and opens an access database. how do i pass my username and password to prevent the logon screen from popping up? The database uses the workgroup security. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance. Cheers! Set accDB =...
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    if statement help in vba

    Hi New to VBA , Can some one please correct the code below. I ve heard that a select case statement might be even better then using If case statments. can you also please show me how to use the case statement for the code below? Thank you If Left(Me.Engine, 1) = 6 Then Engine_Type.Value...
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    filepath error when trying to transfer spreadsheet into access

    Hi I have created a macro that will transfer an excel file data into an access table. the problem i am facing is that i want to specify the worksheet i want to transfer. in the macro window the file path i specify is C:\My Documents\[consume.xls]sheet 2 and it gives me an error. can i not...
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    list tables in a combo box

    Hi Is it possible to populate a combo box with a list of all tables in a database and view a tables contents based on the selection made in the combo box? thanks Viren
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