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  1. Jon

    Were the lunar landings a hoax?

    There are more than a few grumblings out there that indeed it was a hoax, perhaps for political gain and to placate the electorate. Of course, Neil Armstrong enjoys his fame and place in history, but is that evidence of motive to lie? What do you think? Hollywood production or did they really go...
  2. Jon

    Big hit by Google's recent algo update

    Google had a big change to their algorithm in early May, and sadly, it looks like we've been hit. They obviously don't like us online communities anymore. Early signs are that we have lost 30% of traffic, which is a major blow for us. But there is nothing we can do about it except plod on...
  3. Jon

    Do you use Dark mode or Light mode?

    I am curious as to what percentage of people are using Dark Mode vs Light mode. Or perhaps you use both. Also, do you think we need another style option to add to the above?
  4. Jon

    Couples strange fights - tell us yours

    This was asked for, so here it is. Divulge your secrets!
  5. Jon

    Is your political view due to nature or nurture?

    Why do you believe in the politics that you do? Is it because of reality, or due to your upbringing? Or, is it because of personality traits you have inherited that lean you towards a particular type of view? For the nurture side of the argument, location is a big one. If you are born in a...
  6. Jon

    Understand thyself - take the test!

    I am a great believer in trying to understand yourself objectively. For this reason, I enjoy taking personality tests for personal insight. Myers Briggs is obviously a well known one, based on Jungian psychology. But there is another which I prefer, which breaks down your personality into 25...
  7. Jon

    Are your friends of the same political opinion as yourself?

    I have often wondered about how much friendship and commonality there is between people of different political persuasion. Essentially, at the underlying core, the values differ. Maybe there is overlap between the end goal, but the means to the end is different. Perhaps even the end goal itself...
  8. Jon

    Is Amazon hiding its books?

    In the UK, to get to the Books category, you just click the 3 lines at the top left of the site, choose Books & Audible > Books. But in the US, I try the same thing and I can't find the Books category anywhere! What is going on? Are they hiding their books over there so you always buy Kindle...
  9. Jon

    Change of email

    I am updating some of the email information in the backend, so that I no longer use the email. Instead, it is using the proper email. Can you check that you are a) still getting emails for notifications, and b) that the email address shown is using...
  10. Jon

    The Three Deaths

    I just came across this today again and it filled me with great sadness: It brings home that inevitable truth...we are all going to die. And to think that our own identities will be lost to history. How does "The Three Deaths" make you feel? What does it make you think about?
  11. Jon

    Great Quotes - what are your favourites?

    I just came across a quote I liked. "I cannot judge what he did, because I did not have his information." - Lee Kuan Yew What are your favourite quotes?
  12. Jon

    Test your political orientation

    I took this test a while back: The idea was to get some insight into what my actual political orientation was, rather than my assumption of what it was.
  13. Jon

    Genius - who is yours?

    Many geniuses have graced this world. Who is your favourite? For me, I will go for Leonardo da Vinci. Multi-talented in so many areas and 400 years ahead of his time. Exceptional!
  14. Jon

    Task management apps

    I am a bit of a task management software junkie. I've even made my own before in Microsoft Access many years ago, so I could delegate stuff to my assistant across the network, with status flags and so on. It was great to have the flexibility in rolling your own, since you can put what you want...
  15. Jon

    Is feminism sexist?

    Following Uncle's thread on Men's Rights, it just popped into my mind. Your thoughts?
  16. Jon

    Weekly Digest - new feature

    I have installed an add-on that sends an email once a week listing the top 7 threads on this forum. If you do not wish to receive this email, please go to here on your own profile: Alternatively, just click Unsubscribe when you get your first edition! Any questions?
  17. Jon

    Access World reaches 1.5 million posts!

    I have been keeping an eye on it for a while, and we have now shot past 1.5 million posts! A big thanks to all who contribute here and keep this place going. We are over 20 years old and some of you have been here for decades!! Current post count is 1,500,305. Woo hoo! 🤓
  18. Jon

    DNS change still propagating

    Currently, site traffic will be low since the site DNS change is still propagating. This should resolve itself probably by the end of today (Thursday).
  19. Jon

    Introducing the local Day and Time addon

    If you look just under your avatar, we now have the local date and time for the member. This can help you understand when they are likely to be awake and online! I thought it seemed very handy. Since this forum is global, knowing when the other persons timezone could prove very handy...
  20. Jon

    Access World logo

    Anyone think the logo here needs pimping?
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