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    Imperial System

    I worked with a guy who had been a boilermaker. He said the conversion to metric was the best thing that ever happened, Take a pipe with a flange 48 inches diameter at the holes. The plan requires drill 32 holes so calculate the circumference at the holes. They are 4.71238898 inches apart. That...
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    Imperial System

    Except a mile is 5280 feet so your conversion is well off.
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    Imperial System

    Incorrect. A metric ton (tonne) is 2205 lbs. A ton is 2240 lbs.
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    Query return max value

    The first thing to do when confronted by denormalized data coming from somewhere you have no control is to normalize it.
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    How do you know if an Error occured in your Stored Procedure from MS Access Pass-through Query?

    Instead of a PT, use an ADODB command to run the SP and Set the Form Recordset property to the returned recordset if all is well. Use TRY...CATCH in the SP and have it write any error to an output recordset. Multiple recordsets can returned from a SP to VBA via ADODB. One could be used for the...
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    Are my Assumptions Right?

    Power factor is generally caused by the current lagging behind the voltage due to the inductance of the load. Current can also lead the voltage in capacitive loads. Either way it results in the product of the current and voltage being higher than the real power. Domestic electricity meters...
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    Display only yes

    The sloping quotes are also called Smart Quotes in MS Office. They are automatically inserted into Word documents when you simply type the normal quotes on the keyboard and are a PITA when they creep into code.
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    Solved Save button on bounded Form

    The status of a record should not be determined by coping records from one table to another. The tables are the same so they should be one table. If you can be sure that only two approvers would even be needed then you could add two columns. The "approved" data are the records where both those...
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    MS Access dao setting autonumber field to 0

    Access doesn't have a problem inserting records with the value for the Autonumber column predefined, as long as it is not a duplicate of an existing value. This will also reset the sequential autonumber seed, so can be a problem waiting to happen if a record is inserted with a value less than...
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    lower case

    Another alternative might be an Input Mask.
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    Data Change in CSV file after TransferText data export.

    Excel is a bloody hopeless way to look at a csv.
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    £300 Parking Ticket

    These parking companies are just predators and the problem is growing. They create an app to collect the money, then canvas entities who have parking areas, paying a small regular amount to use them for their activities. It was done recently in the underground carpark of the building where my...
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    50's and 60's the whole month of Feb

    There are geological records going back millions of years. The fact is, decades ago, climate scientists projected a startling increase in global temperatures would occur based on increasing carbon dioxide levels. It is is happening. For years, climate change denialists argued that there was no...
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    50's and 60's the whole month of Feb

    If we are following the usual glaciation cycle, we are close to the end of interglacial period and should not be seeing rapid rises in temperature. The discovery of glaciation cycles was the reason scientists in the seventies thought we would be starting to enter another glaciation. The human...
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    50's and 60's the whole month of Feb

    You should avoid assuming that scientists don't know about these matters just because you don't have a clue.
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    50's and 60's the whole month of Feb

    In Australia we have just been through the hottest and in many places the most humid summer ever. Some inhabited places reached 50 Celsius (122 F).
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    "Balls Out"

    I'm Australian and I have never heard the expression. The colloquialisms do vary considerably across the country. Paul's comment suggests to me it is an Americanism that might have been adopted in parts of Australia. BTW I don't take a piss in the manner described either.
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    Records getting deleted, Need Help!!!

    What is in place to stop a user deleting the records?
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    Records getting deleted, Need Help!!!

    Auto incrementing Ids are allocated once and not reused if the record they were applied to is started but not saved.
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    The Qur'an

    I came very close to warning Aziz for the same post.
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