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    Kitchen Automation

    Hello There! I was thinking on a project of automation some of the kitchen parts. Mostly I want to install some servomotor on the cabbinets and a motion sensor light switch. I've saw some great bespoke kitchens fulham with automated build in door that is able to hide all the kitchen behind it...
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    Best (Cheap) Gaming Headset for PS4 use

    Corsair HS50 PRO
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    Warfare Simulation Games

    Age of Empire is probably the greatest game ever
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    Ready Player One

    Wow, it looks so nice. Got to watch this movie once again, but the book is the best book I've ever read in my entire life
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    Online Co-op Campaign Games

    GTAV and RDR 2 online, there is a campaign and you can play coop in lot of different in game activities
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    How do you sync pre-aggregated table in Postgresql?

    I have a problem with aggregating data in one table. Without caching it takes around a minute, so I've decided So everything seems to be going great, but I have a small question. Our backend is inserting data to the main table, lets call it "A". My pre-aggregated table "A1" is being created by...
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    Hello - lo - lo

    Thank you very much!
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    Me too
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    Hello - lo - lo

    Hi there! Name's Elliot and I am really happy to be a part of accesworld community! I really hope to find here some new friends or lads to share ideas with
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