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    When pasting from Excel the rows in Access are blank.

    Hi there, I am very simply trying to copy a number of cells from excel to access and whenever I try to do this the cells are added in access but they come up blank. I'm using the special paste append option in access but it's still not working. any idea why all the data pasted from excel would...
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    Currently have a FK field filled with numbers, but would like to replace those with corresponding text values

    I was storing FK ID's in a field in a table, but would like to replace those with the actual values. What is this best way to accomplish this? Thank you :)
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    Trouble grasping one to many and many to many.

    Hi there, I'm trying to really understand one to many versus many to many, because it's really messing up my database designs I'm pretty sure. To take a common example, courses and instructors. To me, this could BOTH be, one to many and many to many. A course could be taught many instructors...
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    I'd like to create a form with several checkboxes, but I'm not sure how to structure the tables to capture the checked items

    This is essentially a form for a day of tracking tasks. Any number of these boxes can be checked, and I'd like the results saved as one record for that day -- so each day is a record, and each record can have up to 27 total check boxes checked. So Monday any of the 27 tasks would be checked...
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