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    How to display a query parameter result in report header

    Hello, I am working on making a report header more descriptive for a user. I have a report that was built from a query. In that query I had set parameters for the user to define results.I want the user to have record of the criteria used when using the report. The criteria are: Like "*" & [For...
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    Grand Total not working with included calculated fields

    Hello, I am having difficulty with creating a final, grand total on my report. In my report I have groups that have their own subtotals. I would like to take those earlier subtotals and sum them for a grand total. In each group, I have on my report a section including three text fields and...
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    Union query reporting different values than original queries

    Hello! I am very new to access and not a programmer. But, I need some help with a union query. BACKGROUND: I have a union query that is working, however two of the columns report back values from the primary key (default unique ID column). I do NOT want the primary keys' values, I want the...
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    Aloha, I am a new member to this community, with absolutely no background in programming. I live in the beautiful state of Hawaii. My very, very, very basic knowledge of Access has come from my experiences at work. Although, I am not an IT person, I have genuinely enjoyed learning about Access...
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