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    Totals Query VBA

    Hi, I have a totals query in VBA which has only 1 column which creates a single totalled value. Can anyone advise how I can then take this value and then assign it to a variable so I can use it elsewhere? Thanks
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    With a growing DB and ever-growing relationships view I keep trying to rearrange it all to make it clearer and easier to understand however after saving and going back in it always seems to condense all the tables on top of each other at the top of the screen. Has anyone else experienced this...
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    Mouse Pointer Dissappears

    Hi, I am experiencing an issue with the mouse pointer disappearing intermittently whilst using Access. It completely vanishes but then just reappears a few seconds later (anywhere between 2/4 seconds). We are using Windows 10 and Office 365 latest version. I thought it was related to my...
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    Access Office 365 64 Bit Random Crashes whilst 32 Bit All OK

    Hi all, I have been slowly developing my DB for 20 years and other than odd little issues it has been extremely stable. The DB users recently requested a basic means of allocating themselves and each other tasks. Rather than reinventing the wheel I used the MS Office Task Management template...
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    Tab Page Visible/Not Visible Not Displaying Correctly?

    Hi, I have a tab on a form with 7 pages. I have a need to hide on of the tabs depednent on whether a field is Null and if not based on its value. The tab I want to hide contains about 15 normal bound fields and 1 subform. The code to hide the tab page works fine and is as follows: 'Show/Hide...
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    Find duplicate records and alter the second?

    Hi everyone, I regularly import data into my DB and when it comes in there are always odd pairs of duplicate records. The import process is automated using SQL statements in VBA. At the moment I discard these duplicate records using indexes. However I would now like to accept them which I have...
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    Convert SQL to VBA

    Hi, I have the following SQL append query which works fine: [CODE]INSERT INTO
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    VBA Loop to Requery Combo Field with Lookup

    Hi, I have a main form "Quotes" I have a subform "Quotes Subform" The quotes subform is in datasheet mode and allows users to select all the different products required to build that particular quote. One of the fields is a Combo box "ProductID" that has a lookup from the products table and...
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    Refer to calculated field on Subform from Main form

    Dear All, I think the lockdown is getting to me and given me brain freeze..... I have a cmd button on my main form "Purchase Orders" called tglRecieveAll. On the main form is a subform set in datasheet view called "Purchase Order Subform". On the subform footer is a calculated field called...
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    Using Totals Query As Data source within main query

    Hi, I have a table "Suppliers" and a table "SuppliersApprovalDocs". Both a a relationship on the SuppliersID field. Within the SuppliersApprovalDocs table there is a date field [DocExpiryDate] and a chk field for [DocRenewalReceived]. If the DocExpiryDate field = <Date() and the...
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    Count iterations performed in SQL recordset loop

    Hi, I run the following code which loops through a recordset and performs a file copy based on a value in each record of the recordset. Given the value is a URL file link address its quite likely that the target file could get moved, deleted or changed which then creates an error, the code...
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    Can't Delete Folder after creating it through VBA

    I have an IF statement that checks to see if a folder exists. If False it creates a folder and copies a specific file into it. After the above process you can delete the folder through explorer as any normal file operation. If the above IF statement is True (Folder already exists) then the...
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    VBA SQL Query Runtime Error 3075

    Hi all, I am a new member to the forum having recently signed up. I've used the forum as a useful resource recently and keen to get involved! Initially I wonder if anyone can help. I have a cmd button on a form called "Orders". When pressed I want it to run an SQL query to create a record set...
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