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  1. John Big Booty

    Detecting Up or Down arrow

    Is it possible to detect the Up or Down arrow keys? I've tried using the following in the Form's Key Press event; MsgBox "You pressed the " & KeyAscii & " Key" Which returns the ASCII code for most other key but not the arrow keys :confused:
  2. John Big Booty

    How this site should look

    Are you bored with the way the Access Forums look try viewing through the filter of this site :p
  3. John Big Booty

    Please use Code Tags when posting VBA Code

    To make your code easier to read, please use the Code tag around your code, this will ensure that any code you copy and paste from your DB retains it's formatting making it easier to read and follow; Firstly click on the Code button, that's the button at the top of the posting window with the...
  4. John Big Booty

    Strike through font

    Not sure if this has been requested before, but a strike through font would be handy from time to time.
  5. John Big Booty

    DLookup() with Date criteria

    I'm having trouble with DLookup() using dates as part of a multiple criteria. I'm using the following; If IsNull(DLookup("ExchRate", "TBL_DDPExchRates", "CurID = " & Me.Combo4 & " AND ExchDate = #" & Me.ShipOBDate & "#")) And Me.Combo4 <> 2 Then It seems that if ShipOBDate is any date between...
  6. John Big Booty

    Printing report to Labels

    I'm currently trying to print a report to a sheet of self adhesive labels (Avery J8163, 99.1 x 38.1 MM x14) I have the page set up with all the appropriate margins and columns. Now the report is a set of Cocktail recipes, that have a Group header and footer. The header contains the cocktail...
  7. John Big Booty

    Adding Items to a Combo Box through the Double Click Event

    This sample demonstrates the use of the Not In List and On Double Click events of a combo box to firstly notify the user that the item they have attempted to enter is not in the list and that they should Double Click the Combo box to add that item. As a modification of the usual double click...
  8. John Big Booty

    Iterating through 10! combinations

    I have ten records each of which can be assigned a value from one to ten, but no two records can hold the same value so there are ten factorial combination. What I need to do is come up with a procedure to iterate through each of those 10! combinations (yes that's 3,628,800). I'm having trouble...
  9. John Big Booty

    Null v. Zero

    Out of curiosity I have been amusing my self by building a pop up calculator form. I have noticed that if I set an unbound field to zero (0) value, despite this fact, when the field is interrogated it returns a Null value :confused: How can I force this field to hold a value of zero rather...
  10. John Big Booty

    Multiple Criterai from single text box

    I was looking at this thread last night and had, what I thought was, a good idea :rolleyes: I figured that if the various criteria where separated by, say a comma, or other readily identifiable charter, then you could use the Replace() function to insert the Or operator into the string. Then...
  11. John Big Booty

    Cascading Combo, from Unbound combo, plus push back from unbound text box

    This cascading Combo box sample, is an example of a Post Code (Zip Code) database, with a State, Suburb schema (using a fully normalise table structure) with the ability to push back a selection from an unbound Post Code Text box. The DB shows how a combo box can cascade from an initial unbound...
  12. John Big Booty


    My understanding is that Application.FollowHyperlink "should" open the hyperlink in the default browser. However on my desktop PC it opens the link in IE rather than Firefox which is the default on that machine. I'm sure there must be a setting that is forcing the link to open in IE, but I just...
  13. John Big Booty

    Controlling Tool Tips

    I have set up a piece of code to makes the tool tips for a List box, show the contents of a memo field, that relates to the record in the list that currently hold focus. All fine no problems. My question is, is there a way to control the size and shape of the tool tips, or is that purely...
  14. John Big Booty

    Export to Excel

    I've been having a play with the function posted here by ajetrumpet and have run into trouble with the line of code; Dim xl As New Excel.Application I'm getting a Compile error "User-defined type not defined" What should that line read?
  15. John Big Booty

    Dynamically search multiple fields

    This DB is a modification of a search tool that was posted in these forums several years ago. The tool allows the user to type text into a text box (the text is matched against any part of a number of fields) with the results being shown dynamically in a list box as the user types. Essentially...
  16. John Big Booty

    Inserting Carriage Return Into Memo Text

    I'm currently playing around with a very simple DB to decode text that has been encoded using a very simple transposition cipher. It all works fine, however I'm having trouble with carriage returns. I'm currently using the following snippet to detect and insert carriage returns, as part of a...
  17. John Big Booty

    How bout a critique...

    Looks very neat. I did however have to close and re-open the gallery page to get the camera model combo to refresh after adding a new model. A date picker would be nice on the image date. I presume the search functionality is a feature you are still working on. I like what you've done thus far.
  18. John Big Booty

    Weird Japanese Animation

    Here's a link to a series of short animations shown on the Japanese MTV. It revolves around the misadventures of a couple of miscreant rabbits locked up in a Russian prison. A pleasant way to waist a half hour or so :)
  19. John Big Booty

    Indexed HTML Report

    Using the export to HTML function in Access 2007, is it possible to create an indexed version of a report. For example at the head of the report there would be the letters of the alphabet corresponding to the first letter of the name of the items in the report. Letters that did not have an item...
  20. John Big Booty

    Image degradation Access '07

    I have a DB with a FE/BE set up. The BE resides on my desk top PC running Access 03, under Windows XP. There is a FE on this machine and another on a lap top running Access 07 under Vista. There is also an identical set of image files that reside on both machines. The FE references the images on...
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