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    ODBC error when executing an UPDATE query through VBA

    - No, only me - No - Only Access The issue didnt appear again after removing that index. I did put it back to check the activity and I put in the attachment what I got
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    ODBC error when executing an UPDATE query through VBA

    Unfortunately I dont have the time now to tweak with the query, but if I find some extra time I will post the details in a new thread. The table doesnt even have 32 fields, so no I didnt hit the limit of indexes. The index was a foreign key
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    ODBC error when executing an UPDATE query through VBA

    Thanks Colin, I checked that link before when you suggested it once. Im trying to use the suggestions mentioned there as much as possible, but the thing is the query includes 14 tables and one other query. One of the tables has about 340k records, so Im kinda satisfied with the current speed of...
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    ODBC error when executing an UPDATE query through VBA

    Alright, I found the culprit, it was just one of the new added indexes. Luckily it doesnt affect the performance too much but it still does when removing it. One important query without it needs about 8 seconds now, while with it, it needed about 4. Without all the indexes it needed over a...
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    ODBC error when executing an UPDATE query through VBA

    Indeed, but from 1min to 3-4 seconds improvement is huge and I need it. Will do now, the speed without the indexes is killing me. Makes my testing a nightmare
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    ODBC error when executing an UPDATE query through VBA

    When I remove all my newly added indexes the UPDATE query/code works but that slows down my queries a lot. Darn, Im lost here.
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    ODBC error when executing an UPDATE query through VBA

    Sorry guys, have been a little busy today. Well I guess its right because it works when Im trying to update a smaller number of records. Im using Access 2010. Thanks. I have never used it, but will try to google more about it and find out how to. I would say one of my new added indexed is...
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    ODBC error when executing an UPDATE query through VBA

    Hi guys, My problem is that Im getting the error from the attachment when running my code. The error probably happens because the code query didn't manage to update the field/s within the given timeout which is 60 seconds, but thats not the real issue. When I execute the exact same query...
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    The database cannot be opened because the VBA project

    Im developing the .accdb at my PC which has Office 2007 and Office 2010, Im using Office Access 2007 for this .accdb. On my PC in this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VBA I have VBA6 and VBA7 folders In Program Files (without x86) I dont have the VBA folder...
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    Shortcuts for fixing all object types after renaming a table?

    Hello, Is there something like a shortcut for doing this instead going through every query, form, report and code line for fixing them with the new name of the table? Thanks
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    Report crushes on open

    Some strange thing is happening. The report crushes on opening, but not always. As it seems only if the query which the report uses is "big". I did the debugging but it doesnt crush at any of my code lines but at the very end, when the "End Sub" is executed. This is all happening in Office...
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    Corrupt database

    Strange things happening with one of my .mdb files. In one table, there are records which cant contain a Null value but they do and have ### instead real value (screenshoot in attachment) I replaced the database with a backup one but then again same happened when the same records had to be...
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    Linking SQL Server tables with VBA

    I saw somewhere on the internet that I could link the SQL Server tables to my .accdb with VBA, without having to use the Linked table manager. Sometimes I get the ODBC call failed when trying to link tables with the Linked table manager and then I have to add every table again to the .accdb...
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    The query cannot be completed

    I get this error/warning (check attachment) when I make an .accde from .accdb. It jumps after closing the .accdb or .accde when doing compact n repair (turned on to do it on exit). When I open the .accdb and close, nothing like this happens, nor for the .accde after its been made. They work...
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    Speeding up a LEFT JOIN query

    In the attachment I have put the query design. The qryNaplataKarticaSaIdPotDom alone runs just fine even tho the table has over 1m records. However, when I do a LEFT JOIN like in the attachment with this query and the table ImportNap, then it takes more than 3min for the query to load. When I...
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    ODBC -call failed when printing

    I connect with a client PC to the server over RDP where I access the .accde which has tables linked to SQL Server 2012. All forms, queries n tables work fine even the report opens just fine in print preview but once I try to print the report after selecting the printer and clicking on the print...
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    how to prevent access VBA from opening all classes

    A quick question... Im opening my .accdb with the shift key and after that when I launch the VBA the VBA opens all my class objects and it takes some time. I tried closing all of them and then close the .accdb and open it again. After that I opened the VBA again but again all the class objects...
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    Speed up a Group By query (table with over 6 million records)

    I have a query with just one table in it but with a lot of data in it, more than 6 million. The table contains data from 2006 up to 2018 (no new records are added to it or removed) but I only need from 2012 and above. So I was thinking to make a new table which wont contain anything under 2012...
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    Code running slow, SQL Server related?

    Hey guys, Im not sure if this is the right place for this but here is whats making me troubles. Im keeping queries, reports, some temporary tables and forms in my .accde and the big tables with data are on the local SQL Server databases so the tables are linked to the .accde. The users use a...
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    Textbox text brakes into one or more new lines

    I have a textbox on a form which shows data from a combobox column(1) and column(2). The textbox is wide enuff for the value to fit in one line but it brakes in one or more, not for every combobox choice but for many. Is there a way to force the texbox to show the text just in one line without...
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