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  1. BarryMK

    Bowing Out

    Just a quick note to say my employers made me an offer I didn't feel like declining so I'm retiring to become a full time rock star. I'll pop in here from time to time to see how the UK vs US war is going but my Access days are probably over. Thanks to everyone who helped me over the years and...
  2. BarryMK

    Go Mile-O - Tim Blaster!

    If we must have a Scot for Prime Minister ;), let's at least have a decent one. Come on Stewart get into politics and we'll vote for you, we might get some action!:D
  3. BarryMK

    Tim Brewer SHOULD walk away.....

    Originally Posted by Tim Brewer I can walk away from all of you at any given time, and there is nothing you can do about it. Vote now folks:rolleyes:
  4. BarryMK

    Best Job application ever

    A good friend of mine found himself in the position of being made redundant by a less than brilliant employer. However there was another job he was encouraged to apply for within the group. Here is his person spec for the application. I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and...
  5. BarryMK

    debug error on one pc on network

    Aceess 2003 FE/BE One of the admins for my Complaints database is getting a debug error on a form on If Me.RecordsetClone.RecordCount = 0 Then that no-one else gets. I've tested on several pcs on the network with no errors. Any ideas?
  6. BarryMK

    The Department of Positively Out of My Head Experiences

    Please donate a large bottle of alcoholic spirits (real not imagined) or any spare puff you may have so I can arrange for my next experience. :D
  7. BarryMK

    strSubject and DLookup in email

    An email is sent on close of my form. We have three shops (CCCs) and I’m trying to eliminate a line of hard code so the email selects the correct shop name depending on the value of field txtShopID. The hard code line below works fine and the email is sent using: strSubject = “New feedback...
  8. BarryMK

    Change a filed name by vba

    Ooops! Should say "FIELD" name! I've been through dozens of posts on this and can't get my head around the solution. Is there a simple way to change the name of a table field?
  9. BarryMK

    email a report with images embedded

    I have a report which has a different picture for each record. Using 4 different types of command button syntax that I found here I've been able to send the report successfully as an email attachment but the images are blank. I presume this is because the jpgs are stored in a file folder and...
  10. BarryMK

    Conditional textbox

    Is it possible to display a textbox if a condition is met. For example if a date diff is less than two days then display a text box in each record meeting this criterion with the text "Fail" and one showing "Pass" if greater than 2 days? Reportsmith allows this function using a macro suchas...
  11. BarryMK

    message box on entering a form field

    I'm reasonably competent (ahem) with Access vba but Word is giving me a headache. I know how to add a message box on opening a word doc. The doc has form fields. How do I code for a message box to pop up before or after a field is updated? Thanks
  12. BarryMK

    Crystal 11 Default save folder

    Hi Swopping from crummy Reportsmith to Crystal but can't find how to set the default save folder.
  13. BarryMK

    Test 2 combos for data

    I'm using the code below to prompt users to fill in two combos before moving to the next tab page on my form. It works when both combos are empty but if I update the first combo and press the LOST button again it fires the setfocus event. Is this a "null" problem? Private Sub cmdLost_Click()...
  14. BarryMK

    Label blink/flash once or twice only?

    I'd like to use the OnTimer event to make a control label blink a couple of times and then remain static and visible. Normally the code below would run a piece ofcode once only after loading the form but the blink code doesn't work inside this Ontimer event as it stands. Any ideas? ‘Put: Dim t...
  15. BarryMK

    Forum Advanced Search

    I know I'm slow but when did we lose the ability to search on thread title in advanced search, and why?:confused:
  16. BarryMK

    Access 2007 background graphic

    I'd like to use a particular graphic for the background to all my forms. Is there a way to do this globally or do I have to add the graphic to each form? No problem doing that - I was just wondering. Cheers
  17. BarryMK

    "If openargs =" statement syntax needed

    My form is now opening correctly filtered using OpenArgs but I'd like to set the form caption depending on the filter used. I have three different OpenArgs filters in all opening the same form with different criteria but I can't even get a simple if statement to work. I also tried a Case...
  18. BarryMK

    prevent formOpen if nodata

    I'm opening a form based on a query. The OpenForm filters the query. I'd like to put in a warning Msgbox if there are no records to display and stop the form from opening but I can't work how to do it. RecordsetClone brings an invalid reference to RecordsetClone error If...
  19. BarryMK

    Don't sendObject on close if record is cancelled

    Hi I can't get my head around the logic on a small problem. I have a form set up where on the onClose event an email is sent using sendObject this works fine. However I want the user to be able to cancel the entire record if they've screwed up the entry so there is a cancel Command Button using...
  20. BarryMK

    parentheses in field text stop email from sending

    I’m using the following code behind a command button to send an email with field contents from a form and generally it works fine. Code Application.FollowHyperlink ";&subject=About improvement logged on QMS1 &body=Record number: " & Me!txtIncidentID & " Raised...
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