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  1. Alansidman

    The Digital Age is upon us and there is no looking back

    What type of watch do you wear? Do your kids know how to tell time? Is cursive writing a lost art?
  2. Alansidman

    Running an Access Parameter Query from Excel

    I am attempting to run a parameter query directly from Excel. There is only one parameter that is supplied in Cell D3 which is a date. The name of the database Excel is attempting to open is in Cell D4. The code bombs out on the highlighted red line. It compiles with out issue. While the path...
  3. Alansidman


    Jon; DaveP seems to think that this is an UK-centric site. It may be. However, are you able to determine and provide a graph or chart of some sort that shows the membership by geographic area. Perhaps something akin to: Europe North America Australia South America Asia Sub-Continent Middle...
  4. Alansidman

    Wildcard type character in Field Record

    I have a recordset that has some characters that are at the start of the string value that resemble wildcards, ie. ?. I must be having a senior moment, because I cannot recall how I would filter in a query in the criteria to return a particular record, ie. ?S8ZQN8T. This data is coming from a...
  5. Alansidman

    Combo Box not Refreshing

    I have three combo boxes on a form. The result of selecting the first two should dictate the available results in the third one. It works fine the first time you open the form. But when you clear the form and attempt a second selection, it holds the values from the first selection in the...
  6. Alansidman

    Outlook--How to mail but not receive

    My default email is in GMail. I would like to set up Outlook 2007 on my machine, but only have it available to send mail and not receive any mail. I prefer to use the default GMail site as I use this from various machines (laptop, desktop and phone). What do I need to do when setting up...
  7. Alansidman


    From time to time, I notice that the Thanks number increases. Sometimes an OP will thank you with out any additional thread. If you happen to open that thread you can see the Thanks. How can you see who has thanked you without opening all threads that you are subscribed to? I have tried to...
  8. Alansidman

    Yellow Update Shield won't go away

    I received a notice from MS that an update was available for installation. I installed the update, but the Yellow notice shield will not go away. When I have MS search my history of installs, it verifies that the installation was successful. When I click on the shield, it tells me the install...
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