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  1. gemma-the-husky

    Effect of "Cancel = True"

    Your observation made me think seriously about this. I used to think that cancel = true couldn't be correct for reasons similar to your own, but I've ended up using it anyway. Maybe any value other than zero works as a cancel.
  2. gemma-the-husky

    I have a person table with completely inconsistent location data, and I need to consolidate/fix it. Looking for ideas and methods.

    When you say you are building the database, is this for your company? You really need to get an understanding of what they are trying to do with the location, and whether it needs fixing at all, which is similar to what @LarryE just said.
  3. gemma-the-husky

    DLookup doesn’t release the database object?

    I'm not sure about that. How would you know it's the dlookup that causes the issue, and not something else in the recursive loop. What error did they report. Did they show some code? How many levels of recursion did they need to cause the issue? I mean, as an example, if you write a...
  4. gemma-the-husky

    How to error trap FileDialog for File In Use

    I see what you mean. I presume in that case that application.filedialog just selects the required disk file. I thought he was calling a process to actually open the file, but he is using transferspreadsheet for that. @Minty showed a simple way of testing the file first to see if it is in use.
  5. gemma-the-husky

    How to error trap FileDialog for File In Use

    Well excel being open doesn't mean it's viewing the excel file you want. It would more sense to log the error as part of the process when the file dialog does not succeed. You surely can't assume it's safe to kill excel even if you can identify the active process.
  6. gemma-the-husky

    How to error trap FileDialog for File In Use

    What's wrong with just telling the user that the file is open, and try again later.
  7. gemma-the-husky

    Difference between Events and Methods in VBA

    I think an event is rather like the tree falling in the forest. Millions of events happen, but they have no effect until you add code to respond to the event. I presume the events still occur, anyway. Is there an event history that can be examined somehow?
  8. gemma-the-husky

    How to error trap FileDialog for File In Use

    I presume the file dialog sub does not generate a run time error. The process is clearly built carefully and just returns a code to indicate success or failure. So on error does not get triggered.
  9. gemma-the-husky

    Performance Tips to speed up your Access database

    That Luke Chung article really encapsulates a lot of my thoughts about Access. One observation I do have (which might be covered in the article) is that although IT departments may despise Access, they willingly allow users to develop mission critical but poorly designed excel spreadsheets...
  10. gemma-the-husky

    VBA code for Password Change

    going on from that you probably want to store a password expiry date, which would force a new temporary password to be treated as expired and request a new one. An existing password would need to be changed after the expiry date. Also at the very least store the passwords as encrypted text, not...
  11. gemma-the-husky

    Solved Paragraph to Individual Fields Possible?

    @op The hard bit is you being able to specify EXACT:Y what the finished result needs to look like. You can store all the data in tables, or in a single xml file, or anything else properly structured, so that you can impose a view on the structured data. The table (or any other structure) could...
  12. gemma-the-husky

    Version History as a way of comment capture

    I haven't read every post If your comments are just a single text entry, with the date embedded in the string as text - then you won't be able to sort these in date order based on the date. It will sort dd/mm/yy (or mm/dd/yy depending where you are). To get a text dictionary date sort, the date...
  13. gemma-the-husky

    Upgrading from MS Access 2013 to 2016, incrementally

    @Alc - this is more likely an issue because multiple users are sharing the same copy of the database. You should split the database, and make sure each user has a distinct copy of the front end, and you wouldn't then have this problem.
  14. gemma-the-husky

    Upgrading from MS Access 2013 to 2016, incrementally

    one other thing - I know that A2003 can't send emails when outlook is O365 - Well, I can't find a way to do it - Clearly A2003 can't open an .xlsx file either. I don't know whether A2013 (or A2007/A2010) will have a problem managing other parts of a higher version of office. If it does, it may...
  15. gemma-the-husky

    Relink tables from backend

    its really easy linking tables in code, much friendlier, and avoids the pain of the linked table manager.
  16. gemma-the-husky

    Format a number field on a table or query.

    @thedbquy - it appears to be a calculation ie qty x currency, but maybe just qty x real number. @op you should probably format the text box as currency, then it will display fixed decimals. you may be able to do that with single or double (thereby avoiding the currency symbol, but I am not...
  17. gemma-the-husky

    Format a number field on a table or query.

    currency format would give a fixed number of decimals. single or double might also - I am not sure. I take it the "R" comes from your regional settings. It's not "text" is it?
  18. gemma-the-husky

    Subreport Sorting

    @Gasman thanks - is that how it's being achieved?
  19. gemma-the-husky

    Import Excel Data to Access

    Note that Access and Excel decide on the column type from the contents of the first few rows. If you want a different column type it can be tricky. One reason why I prefer to import csv's.
  20. gemma-the-husky

    Subreport Sorting

    OK - Solved it The first group by parameter was "DATE", but I didn't realize it was sorting the date group by quarter, so the dates were apparently appearing in a random order - some were correct, and others were out of order - but now I realise just all within the same quarter, and THEN sorted...
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