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  1. ChrisO

    Friday plane crash.

    Question: ------ If an aircraft crashes on the border between Canada and the US, where will the survivors be buried? ------ Even if you see your answer already posted please repost your view and, if you like, give any brief reason you think your answer is correct. Chris.
  2. ChrisO

    Email notification

    Email notification test 1. Chris.
  3. ChrisO

    Cache user properties for speed

    Cache user properties for speed. Forward: For far too long it has been said that Global variables lose their value on unhandled errors. Well, quite frankly, that is a load of rubbish but is still being said today. They don’t and never have under any error circumstance. What can happen is that...
  4. ChrisO

    Zoom Over Line Chart

    Zoom Over Line Chart. Rationale:- Line charts can have too much data displayed in them to the point that they become almost useless. With this demo we can drag, drop and resize a Zoom Box, over the main chart, to show the zoomed detail of the main chart in another detail chart. Note:- There...
  5. ChrisO

    Use of a VBA naming convention.

    Use of a VBA naming convention. Discussion point. One of the things I have noticed over the years is that it is virtually impossible to fully describe a fault in VBA by just using the English natural language. It may be possible in natural languages other than English, I don’t know. When...
  6. ChrisO

    Happy birthday Pat.

    Happy birthday Pat, and congratulations; 21 today. (Sheldon said I could pick a number so it's 7x3) Chris.
  7. ChrisO

    Happy birthday Jon.

    Happy birthday, Jon; after 73 years you are still holding up reasonably well. (Sheldon said I could pick a number) Anonymous.
  8. ChrisO

    For Pat.

    For Pat. '1 '10 '100 '2 '20 '3 a '4D-1 'E3-2 'E10-1 'are all possibilities and should end up as '1 '2 '3 a '4D-1 '10 '20 '100 'E3-2 'E10-1 Public Function SortBy(ByVal vntIn As Variant) As Variant Dim lngIndex As Long Dim strTemp As String Const MaxLen As Long = 100 Const...
  9. ChrisO

    VBA Language Specification

    [MS-VBAL]: VBA Language Specification I don’t know if I’m permitted to post a direct link to this document so here is a link to a Microsoft site where you can find it:- Near the top of the page follow the link:- Click here to view this...
  10. ChrisO

    Cancel = True

    Cancel = True There appears to be a misunderstanding on the www about what Cancel = True means specifically in the Open event of a Form or Report. One example:- That example implies that, if we wish to close the Form, we should use Cancel = True. That...
  11. ChrisO

    Updateable CrossTab Form.

    Updateable CrossTab Form. Sorry, but this might get a bit verbose. Forward: CrossTab queries are good at displaying data in a spreadsheet manner, but that leads to three distinct problems. 1. A large number of columns can exceed the screen width in both Forms and Reports. 2. When generated...
  12. ChrisO

    Late Bound DAO Constants.

    Late Bound DAO Constants. Late binding is the same for DAO as it is with other references. It allows the current compiler version to seek the “best fit” reference at run-time. In order for the compiler to seek the “best fit” reference the reference must be removed from Tools>References. It is...
  13. ChrisO

    Handling Multiple Events

    Variations on a theme of multiple event handling. In this case the event is the Mouse Down event of Textboxes. The mouse down event was chosen because it contains system arguments which might need to be handled. There are nine(9) variations in the Access2003 attachment, not all of which...
  14. ChrisO

    High Speed Timer Function.

    High Speed Timer Function. Timing code originally from:- Option Explicit Option Compare Text '---------------------------- 'KPD-Team 2001 'URL: 'E-Mail: Private...
  15. ChrisO

    Hide or Float Form Details

    G'day all. This is a demo of hiding Form details when not required. Basic premise: Only one master 'navigation' Form need be open to select a record and further details of that record can be displayed if required. In this demo the navigation Form is in datasheet view but the detail Forms...
  16. ChrisO

    IntelliSense with Global Variables

    IntelliSense with Global Variables I like IntelliSense with its selection capability and I like Global constants… While strictly speaking these are not constants, they can be written to during the life of the front end session, they are protected from permanent change across a network. That...
  17. ChrisO

    Common Class modules in Forms and Reports.

    Common Class modules in Forms and Reports. As the title suggests, a Class module can not generally be used for both Forms and Reports if it includes WithEvents in the declaration line for the Control concerned. The reason is that Controls on Reports do not have events and, so, the Class...
  18. ChrisO

    Auto Compact and Backup

    G’day all. This project was first written by someone unknown to me, so if you see your baby here just say so and I will give all due credit. It was written in Access version 2 (16-bit) and I was asked to convert it to A97 (32-bit) version. A few things have been added to the original...
  19. ChrisO

    Drag Polygons

    A demonstration of drag, drop and resizing transparent polygons on Forms and Reports. Note: This demo replies heavily for display on Stephen Lebans Image Class found here. It is worth going to his site to have a browse; you never really know what you might find, both interesting and useful...
  20. ChrisO

    High-speed Timestamps

    High-speed Timestamps. Forward: a. Access has a limitation on timestamps of 1 second and it is difficult to query below that limitation. Even querying on 1 second can be fraught with error. b. Some systems, process control systems, can write data to a Jet table faster than Access, Jet or VBA...
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