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    Ghost Record

    Here is a peculier case that i was faced by alot and this is my discovered way around. In a continuious form , if you managed to bind the primary key to a combo box you might be faced by weired cases of random value display in field in combo box that are not what were initialy assigned by user...


    Here is a another bizare story i had with microsoft access i would like to share: There is this application i made where my custom right click menu has the sort ascending/descending buttons in . I use a setting where startup form calls other forms through search parameters acquired through...

    Secretery Trick

    Here is a trick I like to call "Secretery Trick" because this is exactly what it is :) Have you tried coding a security module for MS Access ? What's a security module about ? Exactly , Authentication and Logging Events . How often do you use time stamps in logging your events .. ok...

    An Observation Regarding Microsoft Access Security That Might Interest You

    While brawsing this forum i came across an advice by someone regarding switching between 2 system.mdw files in order to import objects across two different database with each relying on different system.mdw file. Now what was interesting was that the advisor came to adress the subject as a...

    DSN-less connections

    Interesting article ( a bunch of observations though: 1 - the following posted code : Set tdfCurrent = CurrentDb.CreateTableDef(NameForTableInAccess) tdfCurrent.Connect = MyConnectionString...

    Site Home Page Broken try it yourself , apparently most loggers log on through saved links . hmmm Operation Aborted Message

    A trick for setting a primary key on a linked sql server view in microsoft access

    ok this isnt actually a question but a trick i'd like to share , if by any chance you have a better way feel free to share :) now here goes the problem first : you have an updatable view on sql server that is linked to your project , the view shows as a linked table with only one draw back ...

    Could hex editing a microsoft access db pass as data manipulation ?

    Could hex editing a microsoft access db pass as data manipulation ? :) thats about it.

    DSN - Less Connection

    Anybody still have documentations on dns-less connections as for a mysterious reason it hasnt been updated a while now and hard;y shows on search engines Best regards.
  10. nIGHTmAYOR

    The Ultimate Security Hole in Microsoft Access

    Ok so here goes: In my hunt of securing my access application I was confrunted only 1 challenge. And hopefully nobody would even try and think of System.mdw Security permissions to solve it ;) Now the one and only hole that cant seem to be solved by any conventional mean is (Drum Rolls)...
  11. nIGHTmAYOR

    Again why are we using DAO ?

    Ok as far as i understand DAO is history , it's VB 3 material which was replaced by ADO and now ADO.Net came to take place. Now for my understanding MS Access VBA can handle all 3 Methodes of SQL execution (ADO , RUNSQL and DAO) so for my understanding since RUNSQL is an access Specific command...
  12. nIGHTmAYOR

    Creating An Executable (exe) Out Of Microsoft Access (mdb, mde) Tips and Tricks

    As I got to see that this forum is really trying to help access programmers , I decided to use it to post my article in here to benefit its seekers . Please do note the following : Methods applied are unconventional and rely on my experimentation of the situation since I got to realize that...
  13. nIGHTmAYOR

    Significant slow down after a major VBA adjustment

    Access Version : MS Access 2000 Office Version : 2003 Setting : GUI : mdb DB : Sql Server 2000 Connection : Linked tables / ODBC Security : mdw other than default system.mdw Problem: After applying a major adjustment to VBA project by useing a replace command (replaceing a custom security...
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