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    Problem with IIF statement and filtering a query

    A big thankyou for plog and Pat for your responses above. My question wasnt worded very well and I wasnt able to get across what I was looking for which is my bad and for that I apologise. However, I have managed to find a solution to this and it was surprisingly a very simple one in the end...
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    Problem with IIF statement and filtering a query

    Hello there, I am very new to these forums and have a problem which I have been unable to resolve myself so would like some assistance to resolve if possible. Background - I have a movie database and have created a form with numerous combobox and radio button controls in the header which are...
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    Good Evening Everyone

    Hi there, I have joined the forum because I have acquired an interest in access databases. This interest came about from my job and it is my intention to design and build a database to help with this. My name is Joe and I am English and live in the UK near Liverpool and enjoy watching football...
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