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  1. onur_can

    Video Tutorials

    boblarson your link is broken.
  2. onur_can

    Font style changing to Arial after closing and opening of Access File

    So the problem was in using different themes, as I mentioned.
  3. onur_can

    Font style changing to Arial after closing and opening of Access File

    An idea came to my mind. Are you using a theme? It may be affected if you use it. As a solution, you can do as follows: Create a new empty database and transfer all the objects in your old application to this new database, so Fonts and colors will revert to default.
  4. onur_can

    Hello there!

    Hello welcome.
  5. onur_can

    Combo Box

    If I'm not mistaken, you want to transfer the fields of the query in the combo box separately into the text box, in this case; Me.Text1 = Me.cmbSample.Column (0) Me.Text2 = Me.cmbSample.Column (1) Me.text3 = Me.cmbSample.Column (2)
  6. onur_can

    Option Group Problem

    There is a situation that prevents you from selecting in the option group, there may be a crash or conflict, the alternative group is active, etc. you need to examine your application.
  7. onur_can

    Font style changing to Arial after closing and opening of Access File

    If you are sure there is no code to change this, perform an online repair of your Office program from the Control Panel.
  8. onur_can

    Solved Listbox Vertical Slider issues

    By the way, I can't be comfortable without saying this, Mr. MickJav. Your form design is great. I really like.
  9. onur_can

    Solved Listbox Vertical Slider issues

    You have to increase the time column a bit, so arrange the list width accordingly.
  10. onur_can

    Controlling Unauthorized Distribution of Database

    Hello, accde publishing file blocking does not prevent it, only the code of the database, form and report design. You distribute the file format when deploying the application already. You will not be prompted for unauthorized use, or you need to investigate e-mail activation, or get the HDD...
  11. onur_can

    Mask SSN data in query output

    No need to work hard, the simplest is to use the input mask and save it to the table as an input mask. If this happens, the report outputs will appear exactly as entered.
  12. onur_can

    Print a reports using a combo box choice on a form

    I also agree with Pat Hartman. I never like to try this solution suggestions. You must give precise instructions. The solution to this problem looks like this.
  13. onur_can

    Basic question re table structure

    Since each ratio is different, it would be pointless to deduct the repeated dates. Then it will be incomplete in your query result. You can adapt the same information you have provided in your excel example above to the access table.
  14. onur_can

    Exporting to Excel

    Thank you. isladogs for the information. I updated my message.
  15. onur_can

    Exporting to Excel

    First, make your formatting in the excel table you use as a template and save it, then transfer your data to this excel template file. You can go the shortest way this way. (Excele Data Transfer from Access)
  16. onur_can

    Tabbed documents

    I also don't like tabbed documents or forms. I change this option to overlapping forms with every application I do. I believe this gives users more flexibility.
  17. onur_can

    Query left join

    Then your Table2 should be the one on the left. In this case, you must add Year to Table1 and create 1 to many relations in between.
  18. onur_can

    I cannot open my access

    Check your tables in your current application, open them with the old version and convert your large number data type fields in all your tables to number type. After doing this, your application should be opened.
  19. onur_can

    Error message out of the blue

    In which access version does your application run regularly, in which version do you get an error message? It probably works in the old version, if not in the new version, it may be due to differences in data types. It is necessary to examine and analyze DB.
  20. onur_can

    Report only displaying 4 records

    Records are missing due to placing your fields in Header instead of Detail.
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