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    help with DSUM

    Hello I'm trying sum a field with multiple criteria Here's what I have tried =dsum("[2020]","resources","[Role ID]"=text124 and "[ref no]"<>9999) It is to sum column "2020" in the "resources" table WHERE "Role ID" equals the value in "text124" AND "ref no" does not equal "9999". Much...
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    Sum a field in subform

    Hi, I have a subform that is filtered using a separate combo box. Each time, the subform is filtered, I'd like to sum a specific column/field. Using vba, I've tried the On Current Event and Dsum but can't seem to get this working. Any help is appreciated thanks
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    Connection between Excel and Access

    Hi I would like to run some Access queries from Excel and import. The only issue is the Access database is password protected. The format is .accdb and the encryption is set to legacy. Many thanks for any help / guidance
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    Data Connection between Excel and Access (password protected)

    Hi, I'm trying to create a connection between Excel and Access. The connection will run an Access SQL query. Only issue is the Access DB has a password. Works fine without the password. I've tried many different options without any success. Password Encryption is currently set to legacy. Any...
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    Access Reports

    Hello I've a built a simple report in Access. Only issue is, I'd like to utilize the space beneath and have another report directly underneath. I would have a subtotal then would total "Headcount" plus "other" which is from a second report. Is this possible to do? Many thanks
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    Update Statement SQL - VBA (access)

    Hello, I keep getting a syntax error on the following update statement. All of the fields are spelt correctly. Private Sub Command133_Click() CurrentDb.Execute "UPDATE tblPlannedRoles" _ & "SET [2020] = '" & Me.rtxt2020 & "', [2021] = '" & Me.rtxt2021 & "', [2022] = '" & Me.rtxt2022 & "'...
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    name error on subform

    Hello I have a form containing controls (combo, textbox) and a also a subform. Everything works fine. Only issue is, the subform shows #name error on load in each field. Combo box connects to subform using vba as a filter (Afterevent) Would appreciate any help or guidance Many thanks
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    Filter a subform based on combo boxes

    Hello I'd like to filter the subform based on the combo boxes. I'd like to be able to select "role title" then "country". At the moment this only works independently. If I select "role title" and then "country" it loses the selected "role title" Heres my vba Private Sub...
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    Textbox to display field selected in subform - VBA

    Hi I have a form with a textbox (txtCSD) that I'd like to display a field within a subform - "[start date]" and this should change when a new record is selected in the subform I can do this via a Control Source, however this locks the textbox and users cannot overwrite the value. Private Sub...
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