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  1. oxicottin

    Solved Check SQL for number

    Hello I have a SQL that gives either a null or a number and I want to use it to determine opening a form. If the strSQL is null then give a message but if there is a number then open the form. How would this be written? Dim strSQL As String strSQL = "SELECT Count(tbl_YearCalendar.AbsenceDate)...
  2. oxicottin

    Solved Query criteria between two hour/decimal numbers

    I cant get a correct result in my query. I have a field (DelayHours) and I don't want to display anything that's in the range of 9.75 to 14.17. I tried <"9.75" Or >"14.17" As my criteria and I still get the results including numbers in that range. The only thing that works but does me no...
  3. oxicottin

    Solved Get date based on times

    I'm trying to write a function for military time to get the short date of a date/time based on the time of the day for the shift that was ran. If the Date/time "DelayStart" is from 6am to 11:59pm then use the "DelayStart" given If the Date/time "DelayStart" is from Midnight to 2:59am then use...
  4. oxicottin

    Solved Error 13 then 3421

    Hello, I just cant figure out why im getting these errors! I know its a date field but don't know why. The data is getting pulled from a PLC and by looking at the code it gets converted into a date/time. I tried in the error handler to skip the Error 13 to see what it did and then it gives a...
  5. oxicottin

    Solved Temp Dynaset subform

    Hello, I have a series of Public Subs that run and collect data to a table tbl_Delay like below. How do I add saving the same data to a temp table called tbl_TempDelay and I can figure out the clearing of the temp table before the new cycle runs. What needs added to save the same data to the...
  6. oxicottin

    Countdown Timer with reset button

    Hello, I have a countdown timer that runs in the On_Load when the form opens and runs some code in the Form_Timer() after every 10 minutes. I also have a button cmdRunLogger that I need to reset the timer and run the code in the Form_Timer() again like it did when the form loaded. The...
  7. oxicottin

    Solved OpenArgs to pass value but not create record.

    Hello, I have a button cmdAddNewSubFormPage on my subform that that creates a record adds the next sequential number in txtSequentialNumber and then opens a popup frm_ManageSubMenuPage. I wanted to somehow use OpenArgs to open the popup BUT not create the record yet incase you decide not to go...
  8. oxicottin

    Solved Security for buttons in switchboard

    Hello, I have a switchboard I been building and im now stuck at its security and where to put the code to check for security. Well I know where its just not working and only runs through Case 1. What I want is each page has a security of 1, 2 or 3 and if your security is a 1 then you can only...
  9. oxicottin

    Solved Dont allow mor than 9 records

    Hello, I have a button to add records and I need to limit the number to 9. In my code below its bypassing the check and going to the adding of records? That's wrong with code? Dim intMaxNumRecs As Integer intMaxNumRecs = 9 'Max Number of Records to Allow If Me.NewRecord Then...
  10. oxicottin

    Solved Missing operator in Dmax

    Hello im getting an error 3075, what am I missing DMax("ItemSeqNumber", "tbl_MenuItems", "[MenuID] = " & Me.MenuID) + 1
  11. oxicottin

    Solved List A Modules procedures in a combo box

    I have a form (frm_AddEditMenuItems) with a combo box (cboRunCode) and I want to be able to create a list in the combo box of procedures in a module named (mod_SwitchboardMenu). Can this be done?
  12. oxicottin

    Solved Option Group wont move focus

    Hello, I'm having an issue moving focus from an option group that has toggle buttons as the options which open forms and reports. The issue is lets say in my example under option 1 you click on it and it hides the frm_Switchboard form and opens Form1, this is great BUT upon closing the Form1 and...
  13. oxicottin

    Batch file that runs a function

    Hello I have a module that works so far as in it remaps my drives like I want but at the end of the code I want to run a function AutoLinkManager. It just skips over the relink. 'Global variable for path to original database location Public gDBPath As String Public Sub RemappingDrives()...
  14. oxicottin

    Solved Have subforms last record focused

    Hello, I have a form with a subform and on the subform I usually enter 15 records or so. How can I always have the last and new if there is no records scrolled to so they are always visible when I go to each record from my main form and if im entering a record or working on a record.
  15. oxicottin

    Solved Time Picker Minutes are off

    Hello, I created this time picker from pieces of examples I have been looking at and I cant figure out why my minutes are off.
  16. oxicottin

    Solved Dont allow data to be manually typed

    Hello, I have a text box with an on click popup and employees are getting around the popup and manually entering data by tabbing to the textbox and not clicking in it to open the popup. How can I not allow then to manually type the data and force the on click?
  17. oxicottin

    Solved Field that starts with zero

    I have a table field that has zeros as its first number, how do I get it to save the zeros?
  18. oxicottin

    Solved Enable or Disable controls based on combo box

    Hello, what am I doing incorrect? The example below needs to to this, If its a new record and its your first selection in cboProduct then run the test function. If IsNull(Me.cboProductID) Then Call test End If Exit Sub Next lines are if there already is a selection and your...
  19. oxicottin

    Solved A better length picker

    I have a length picker I have been using for several years and I get complaints on having to slide the button bla bla.. Is there another way I could display lengths in 1/32 increments in the below format up to 2"? I didn't create the picker I had help and really have no idea how it works...
  20. oxicottin

    Solved Form Validation using .Tag with highlighted controls on close

    Hello, I am trying to validate controls on y form that if their .tag is "Required" and they are null or =0 then highlight the border red and if there is data stay the same. I found a piece of code years ago and am trying to implement it but cant figure out what to change for the below revision...
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