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  1. pr2-eugin

    Have been a while !!

    Hello guys & gals !! How you all been? It has been a while since I have been online. Just wondering if anyone is interested to catchup in London in the weeks to come? It has been a while since I actually have even been online.
  2. pr2-eugin

    Elimiate records with dates in the same month

    I am having a fry up day. I am trying to figure out a logical WHERE condition. I have a Query that gives me data, Name | Start | End --------+-----------------+------------- Paul | 30-May-15 | Eugin | 21-May-15 | 28-May-15 Francis | 04-Mar-15 |...
  3. pr2-eugin

    How to Upload a Stripped DB.

    Hello there, I have seen this many times across the Forum, when some of us ask users to upload the DB.. The responses we get are "The information is sensitive", "The file is too big", "There are over 100,000 records".. Well when I started using this Forum, I did not know how to UPLOAD a...
  4. pr2-eugin

    Been a while !!

    Hello peeps (in the UK) ! It has been a while, since we met up. The last time we did was in London - September 2014. Wow, it has been 6 months already and I feel it is time we made the effort to meet up. I am sure some of us would agree. Last time, we did try to make the effort of asking people...
  5. pr2-eugin

    Get Previous Installment Date

    Hello all, I am having a very bad brain freeze day today. I am unable to lock down dates. I will have to pass to a function a Date and a Term and the result would be the Date that is a previous installment of the passed date and term. The following are the examples. Date (In) | Term...
  6. pr2-eugin

    Function used in a Query

    I have quiet a complicated Query at hand, with various calculations from several Sub Queries. I have a function that will get me a percentage based on two other calculated fields (revenue, annualized), that is passed to this function. The function works amazing when numbers (15.63, 56.99) are...
  7. pr2-eugin

    Accounts/Maths Problem - How will you solve this?

    The scenario is, four students take a flat to rent. Let us say the only payment they have to make is towards the bills. Say the bill for one month is £ 370.00. Under normal circumstances, it has to be divided by 4 so each would pay £ 92.5 towards the bill. Simple ! Now to add complexity. Two...
  8. pr2-eugin

    CurrentDb.Execute Or QueryDef?

    Howdy people, Just a quick question. Let us say you have an action Query as simple as inserting a record with just two fields Name and Date into a table. Just to make it a bit complicated, let us say it needs to be dynamic or in other words need to take the current date and the current user. So...
  9. pr2-eugin

    Rollback - SQL

    Hello, I am trying to apologize to a friend of mine, (who is an SQL admin). We had quiet an argument exchange because of a hag between us :banghead:, abuse were hurled over (mainly from my end). So I sent him a sorry message, for which he ended up shouting at me. So I tried to explain, we are...
  10. pr2-eugin

    Form uneditable except for one control

    This setup is for Employee attendance system. I have a continuous form setup with header, footer and details section. Header contains one ComboBox which populates all the dates in the hoursLog table; and is used to filter the form. Details section is based from a Query linked to the table...
  11. pr2-eugin

    Who's Bored?

    Howdy peeps, This is not an urgent or pushing matter. I am just having a slow/boring day - so thought I would tease my brain. So trying something bizarre. This is what I thought I would do, a logical challenge - Get Sequence String based on position. The String sequence is A, B, C, D.... Z...
  12. pr2-eugin

    Runtime Error 3000

    I have been using a runtime SQL query in my application, well for about a year or so. I had no problems up until today, somehow the query that normally works has ceased to work. It keeps throwing up I am a bit puzzled. I have not done any design/code changes on this form (where the SQL is...
  13. pr2-eugin

    Attachment Fields

    Hello ! I have been trying to figure out a best way to attach files to specific records. Up until this point have been using Hyperlink to link files that have been stored in shared folders. This seemed to be a very good option for quiet sometime; but some users wish to play god ! Since I have...
  14. pr2-eugin

    Sum(column) in footer on continuous Form not updating.

    Hi, My form is setup with Continuous view, with data feeding from a table. The structure is straighforward (excel style). AgentID, workHrs, holidayPaid, holidayUnpaid, sickHrs etc. The structure is not normalized, and I know the risk. This is basically only for human interpretation, not really...
  15. pr2-eugin

    Site Issues ??!!

    I have just started noticing this, could someone concur with me? * Email Notifications are a bit tarried * New Posts not updating properly * I can see someone has replied, but when I go into the thread I cannot see the response unless I perform a 'Clear Cache'.
  16. pr2-eugin

    SPAM users

    I think SPAM users have got a little bit cheeky these days, I just stumbled upon this, They start creating Groups and start advertising/spamming. I could not find anywhere to report a User/Group. Or is this not even a problem and I am just making it a big deal for no reason (just like my...
  17. pr2-eugin

    AWF Meeting

    Hello peeps, Hope you all are doing well. Last Saturday (29 March 2014), we organized to meetup in London (for folks outside UK, really sorry :(). I was hoping it would be quiet a big group as there was quiet a bit of notice, and I have been trying to organize it for a while. However it was...
  18. pr2-eugin

    Importing Data from MV Base

    Has anyone heard of the Multivalue Database called mvBase? I recently got an offer to build a DB for a client. I am quiet confident in doing this, although the old database they are using is actually MV Base (a multivalued database). I have not used this before, and finding help is quiet a...
  19. pr2-eugin

    Calling all members in UK

    Hello ! In December 2013, me and two other AWF members met up for a good meal, some banter and also a brief talk about Access and how they impact our day to day life. It was fun, informative and also was really good to put some faces onto profile names. Since we enjoyed it, we thought we might...
  20. pr2-eugin

    ePDQ - Payment processing from Access

    Hello peeps, I work for an Insurance company, a small start up company. So far, processing payment was not really a big deal. Information (between 10 and 15 records) is loaded into the DB, then a user manually processes the payment in the ePDQ website, by setting up a payment. Now as the...
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