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    continuous page numbering w/multiple reports

    I am printing multiple reports from a form button using vba. I want the first page number of each report to pick up where the previous report left off (if the first report was 8 pages long, I want to start the second report at page 9). Can anyone provide some help with this? Thanks Brian
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    headers in subreports

    Can anyone tell me how to make subreport headers show up in the main report. I'm sure this is simple, but I haven't found anything in the help files for it. Thanks in advance!
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    counting page numbers

    I have multiple reports in a db, and I wnat to get the total number of pages in all the reports combined. Is there a way to get the number of pages in a report through vba?
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    Has anyone had any success using these two events? I am trying to display text based on whether or not the detail section of a report or sub report is spills onto the next page or is continued from the previous page. I'm not having any luck with this. Any help is appreciated.
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    maintaining relationships while importing tables

    I am importing a table into my database from a floppy by pressing a form button. When Access tries to overwrite the existing file, it wants to delete the table relationships before overwriting. Is there a way to transfer or maintain the existing relationships? Any help on this is greatly...
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    stringing parameter reports together

    I have several different reports that a user can select for each record. Each report asks the user for a parameter of recordID when they wish to open the report. I have created a macro that can be used to print all the reports for a given record if the user wishes to do so. Unfortunately, the...
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    I want to create a multiple page report

    I am creating a report that spans several pages per record (the report contains alot of preformatted text with data from my query filled in to blanks on the form). When in the design view, I can only stretch the height of the report to a max of 22". Which limits me to 2 pages for each record...
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