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    Replace the ReachText tool bar?

    Is it possible to replace the ReachText toolbar for a field ? I want to create my own toolbar adding the Copy, Paste, Cut buttons and removing some of the text formatting existing in the default toolbar. I also want to disable the right click toolbar for this field
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    Weird query issue

    Hi can anyone tell me why this query won't work and will ask for the [EssentialOilsShow] for the ORDER BY clue ? It will work perfectly If I remove this field from the ORDER BY It will sort perfectly for any other field [ProductName], [ProductPrice]... Thanks SELECT [Products].*...
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    running a code from Button is slower then from label

    I recently noticed that running the exact same code from a button click is by far slower then running it from a Label click :eek: I noticed that if run a sort it will load the turning wheel at the end of the run after all data is sorted and set, while running it from a button. This action alone...
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    Limit slidebar to details?

    Is it possible to limit the slidebar to the detail section of form?
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    Another Query assist

    I have this Query SELECT Materials.MaterialID, Materials.MaterialName, MaterialType_Table.MaterialTypeName FROM (MaterialType_Table INNER JOIN Materials ON MaterialType_Table.MaterialTypeID = Materials.MaterialTypeID) LEFT JOIN Q1 ON Materials.MaterialID = Q1.MaterialID WHERE Q1.MaterialID) Is...
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    Out of stack space error

    I get this error on one end user's machine. I don't have this error on my machine nor any other machine the application installed on. Is there any way to identify where this error come from ? Thanks
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    Adding blank empty field to Continuous Form

    How do I add a blank empty field to all records on Continuous Form. This field will be used to calculate another field, using the AfterUpdate event. As I read here the only solution is to add the field to the table :( Is it really? Thanks
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    Google cloud assist

    After giving up with GDrive (Almost) I want try using Google cloud for automatic backups I'm trying this code but I gen an "AccessDenied", "Anonymous Caller does not have storage objects" What is wrong with the keys ? With xmlHTTP .Open "GET", ""...
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    SelLength not working

    SelLength not working is not working for a sub form. It will select all text me.Materials_SubForm.Form.MaterialDescription.SetFocus me.Materials_SubForm.Form.MaterialDescription.SelLength = 0
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    Working with GDrive

    Anyone here managed to work with GoogleDrive ? I would like to upload files to GDrive, using VBA (XML) I do work with GoogleMaps, but can't understand the GDrive API :(
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    SQL Query help

    Hi I need some help creating am SQL query I have 3 tables tblMaterials - MaterialID, MaterialName. MaterialType tblProducts - ProductID, ProductName tblProductsMaterials - ProductID, MaterialID, MaterialPercent (This one is a Many to Many table) Now I need queries to sum data 1st query -...
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    Setting Report's Zoom on open

    How can I set the report's Zoom on open, and set the window size to match the report's zoom?
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    error 3340 ‘Query is corrupted

    After an end user got error 3340 ‘Query is corrupted, I started to get it today too. It seems that Office November 2019 Updates are causing Access Error 3340 I don't see any office update, but it shows me as Office was installed today (Nov.15th) :banghead::banghead::banghead: How can I remove...
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    ActiveX OLE error

    I have an AC2016 I opened it in 2013 with No problem. I debugged with no problem. When I open a form, any event I try to run (Timer, Form_Open...) causes an ActiveX or OLE error, even if this event is empty and do nothing :banghead: Checking the references seems to be OK and all ver16 where...
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    Editing an external text file is it possible?

    I need to import a text file into my db If there are any Chr(34) in the file it won't import these lines. Is it possible to edit the file and replace all Chr(34) into Chr(44) ?
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    Custom ribbon images

    I already managed to load custom Ribbon images. JPG images load fine, but they have no transparency I tried to use both ICO and PNG format with no luck. How can I have the custom Ribbon images with transparent backgound ? Thanks,
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    Ribbon before AutoExec

    I have an AutoExec function How can I force the Ribbon to show before the AutoExec function end ?
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    remove the "Unknown Publisher" security warning

    I publish my App to end users as an Accde file. How can I make my Accde file trusted to remove the "Unknown Publisher" security warning ? Thank you
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    look for file update over the internet

    Hi I need a way to look for a file update over the internet. I know where the file will be (It is my WebSite) What I really need is a way to read the file name exist in the specific internet folder. Thanks
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    Read the Conditional Formatting colors ?

    Is there any way to know the existing Conditional Formatting colors ? I know how to set Conditional Formatting colors, but I can't find a way to set the exact colors I already used in another place :confused: I want to be able to read either the Access color code, or RGB or HSL ... Office 2016...
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