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    Calculating MPG

    I know this must have been covered before but I'm really struggling with this. I want to calculate MPG between fill ups for one vehicle only. I have a table that has the following fields: fuel ID Gallons Odometer TankMiles 1 12 19340 2 6...
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    Printing help Please

    Hi I have a working database my work (self employed driver). Up to now I have been using a hand written form to record my jobs but I would like to have all this computerized. I have a Customer Table (CustT) with Customer Details And a Job Table (BookingJobT) with Details of my runs. My...
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    Stuck in a rut

    I'm new to this forum and quite new to Access. I know that I can’t be the first to ask this question, but I’m struggling to find the answer. :banghead: I have a Customer Table and a Job Table, plus their two respective forms. They are related by a one to many relationship between Customer ID...
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    Hi From Confuseduk

    Hi Guys So glad to find people willing to share their skills and help others. Im a complete noob who has been trying to designing a database for my own small one man company in Somerset UK. Proud of what I have acchieved so far, but now hit a bit of a wall. Hoping to get a leg up. :)Nigel
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