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    using a field inside query for total - error

    Hi, I'm using a field inside of my query to give me a calculation then taking that calculation to get a separate #. When I run, it asks for the name of the calculated field. Is there something I should do differently or should I have the calculation happen in a separate query? Example...
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    Create Pull Down menu & open form with selection

    I am wanting to do 2 things with my database (in the field control, I have no SQL exp)... 1. I want to create a pull down menu that allows the name of the small team employee to be selected that opens to a form that allows comments to be created for that same person for the Month YY I choose...
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    query calc for date difference - novice

    Greetings, I am a novice query builder and seek formula assistance to calculate the difference between two dates while also excluding weekend dates from the calculation. I found a helpful MasterDates database here that provides the weekend dates to exclude however, I do not know how to...
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