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    Solved Union Query

    I have a table being used as a question bank. When I started using it I was only generating test on one subject at a time so I used a query that looks like this SELECT TOP 10 Questions.ID, Questions.CAT, Questions.Job, Questions.Department, Questions.Question, Questions.Answer1...
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    Conditional formatting enable/disable toggle

    I have a report that is bing used as a quiz it has 4 conditional formatting rules that highlight a correct answers. I am looking for a way to disable to rules with a button so the quiz can be printed out without the answers highlighted. Thanks.
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    Sum IIf items being true

    I'm looking to Sum IIF with multiple items being true. I can't seem to figure it out Sum(IIf(([TD]![COMPLETE]="YES") And ([TD]![NOAC]>1),1,0))
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