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  1. AndyC88

    Crosstab Query - Dynamic Column Sorting

    Hi all, I have a Crosstab Query with a large number of columns (~100) which require to be in a custom order. I have achieved this by sorting and concatenating the column headers into a string within an unbound text box ("Equipment53","Equipment54","Equipment55","Equipment56" etc...) and...
  2. AndyC88

    Multiple types of filtering on form - cascading combo boxes refining a list box selection?

    Hello all, I've attached a mock-up of how I'd like a form to work on an access project I'm working on. (complete newbie - no programming experience!) Yellow box on the left displays a variety of information with regards to employee (more than what is shown). I'd like to find the most...
  3. AndyC88

    Append Query when creating new record?

    Afternoon all, I have a table (TblEquipmentRequirements) with the following fields: EquipmentRequirementID (PK) EmployeeID (FK) EquipmentID (FK) Required (check box - YES /NO, not strictly necessary but required for UI/UX) When I create a new record for a new employee, I'm trying to use an...
  4. AndyC88

    Using a button to filter a sub-form - doesn't work when using main form.

    Afternoon all, I've got the following issue - I have a list of equipment requirements for each individual - and I want to be able to filter them based on their EquipmentCategoryID. Using the buttons, it works as expected when the form is opened by itself. However, when I try and use the...
  5. AndyC88

    [beginner] - Migrating personnel management system from EXCEL to ACCESS.

    Good afternoon everyone, this forum seems like a really great place to ask for some guidance, so I'll begin...! To give some background, the way my employer manages it's personnel (for certain tasks) is pretty dire. A lot of it is managed using excel, and even though we use MS Sharepoint, the...
  6. AndyC88

    Hello from the UK!

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I’m Andy, completely new to access and any sort of programming. I came across your forum while looking for a few access related queries (no pun intended!) I’ve embarked on a project to try and get the company I work for to manage...
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