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    Solved open specific record from Navigation form

    How to open a specific record from a form that is linked to the navigation form. When double click the request ID in the navigation form I want to open its related record form
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    filter query result based on combobox

    Hi every one. In the small db attached I have query1. I want combo box selection in the form to be filtered in the query. combo box values include. Morning;Evening;All. When selected All query should append all results. Fox
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    Update declare statement

    Dear Experts, I have used custom security module to login the database. This module works fine with 32bit systems. when attempt to run in 64bit it generates the error find in attached. I have attached sample login module. Can any one update declare statements as mentioned in the error message...
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    Highlight the entire row when mouse moves over the row

    Hi every one Is there any way to highlight the entire row when mouse moves over the row in the continuous form? If any suggestions please share foxtet
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    Double click continuous form to open another form

    Dear Guys, How to open frmEditContact form when I double clicked the continuous form. sample is attached for reference. Please give me solution foxtet
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    display save data on subform on another form

    Hi Guys! I find it difficult to get data on available contacts subform when i click save button in add new contact form. I have used a macro on click event of save button on add new contact form to do this but its not working can you review this issue and get me a workable clue foxtet
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    Search Facility using text box

    Dear All I want implement search facility using txtSearch. and btnReset. the code is as follows. this doesnt work fine. Any help is greatly appreciated. foxtet Private Sub cmdReset_Click() Me!txtSearch.SetFocus Dim strSearch As String strSearch = "SELECT * FROM tbl_Entity_Info" Call Form_Load...
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    Open correct report

    I have a billing form. After input necessary data I want invoice to be created. When I press create invoice button it displays different invoice. how to handle this? foxtet
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    Running Number

    Hi guys I want generate running invoice number like INV00001,INV00002..etc how it be possible to in this format? foxtet
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    Cannot save as ACCDE

    Hi Experts! I could not save database as ACCDE file its gives the following error. I created database in access 2010. Dont know what went wrong. This error is usually associated with compiling a large database into an MDE file.* Because of the method used to compile the database, a considerable...
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    protect FE objects

    Dear Guys! I have split database, How can I protect Front End database objects from users foxtet
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    Hide text fields in subform

    Hi Every one. I have a tab control TabCtl49 on frmCargo Master.On the TabCtl49 there is a sub form frmInvDetails. This form display as a data sheet. I want hide ID and InvNo field from this sub form. Even if we hide those fields it should save in tabInvDetails table. I tried different methods...
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    Auto fill in tab

    Dear Guys, I have problem in auto fill in tab. In the attached database On the update delivery and invoicing form is placed a tab control which has two pages. 1) pageDelivery 2) PageBilling in PageBilling I want automatically fill in consignee and shipper names. foxtet
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    Add to Combo Box

    Dear Friends, I have used the following codes in FlightID combo box double click event. after adding the record to Floght form save, and close the added record is not available in FlightID combo box drop items. Private Sub FlightID_DblClick(Cancel As Integer) Dim rs As DAO.Recordset Dim...
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    sub form

    Dear friends, I want when save button is clicked the sub form below gets populate the added record. If any ideas please share. foxtet
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    Not showing combo drop down

    I have used the following codes in shipperID combo box double click event. after adding the record to shipper form save, and close the added record is not available in shipperID combo box drop items. Private Sub ShipperID_DblClick(Cancel As Integer) Dim rs As DAO.Recordset Dim strWhere As...
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    List box to

    Hi every one I want list box clicked country to display it airports in the given list box and add airports to to that list for the selected country. foxtet
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    Added record not showing in navigation frm

    In the database I have problem in showing the added data to the form that is in navigation form. I have used the following code in the after update event of frmAddNew Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate() Dim lngSNO As Long Dim frm As Form Dim rs As DAO.Recordset If...
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    Navigation form

    Hi guys! here attached is user login security module. this works well with main form. but when used is navigation form (access 2010-2013) it gives error. none of the forms can be added to navigation form Error: Microsoft access cannot find the reference form.. this utility can be very useful...
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    Operation is not supported for this type of object. (Error 3251)

    Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate() Dim lngSNO As Long Dim frm As Form Dim rs As DAO.Recordset If IsFormLoaded("frmCargoStatus") Then Set frm = Forms("frmCargoStatus")("tblCargoStatus subform").Form lngSNO = frm!Sno frm.Requery Set rs = frm.RecordsetClone...
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