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    return a part of the long text field

    I have a query that is used for a report. I want to have a field that pulls information from a long text field. The information that I need will always start with the word "Need", "Missing", or "Ready" and will be on its own line, normally the first line of the long text field. If this info...
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    Dynamic search of Many-to-Many Relationship with List that aggregates data

    I'll preface this by saying Im a novice at access. I have a query with 5 tables: Deal Table Property Table Client Table Junction Table between Deals and Property Junction Table between Deals and Clients I want to present a list of all deals on a form. Some deals will include multiple...
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    Allowing user to set default value

    Newbie here. I want to create a settings form that allows the user to set the default value of a field on a different form for new records. How would I go about doing that? Appreciate the help.
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    Copy query results into email w/ bullet points

    Novice here. Via VBA I am trying to copy the results of a query into an email, with each result it’s one bullet point, broken down into catagories. I basically have 2 relevant fields in the query. A category field and a notes field. The email should look like this: Category 1: Note 1 Note 2...
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    Passing a variable to a query

    I’m trying to pass a variable in VBA to a query in order to create a temporary table. How do I reference the variable in the query?
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    Formatting certain records on opening report

    Access novice here. I’m trying to make a simple format change to the font color of a field for certain records upon opening a report. All I’ve been able to do so far is make the change across all records. I have a report that shows the priority, stage, and task fields for each record. If a...
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    showing pictures in report

    Please excuse my poor explanation as I'm still very new to Access and VBA. I've created a report that is basically a to-do list with a number of tasks that the user needs to complete. one of the columns in the report is a priority field where on another form the user can change the priority of...
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    Open a form to a specific record from a subform

    I'm new to access and VBA so please bare with me. I have a navigation form and on one of the tabs is a form with a subform on it. The subform shows a single record at one time, not a datasheet form. I am trying to open the form and subform to a specific record in the subform from another form...
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    Hi, my name is Jonathan from New York. I am new to Access but am excited to learn more about its possibilities. I look forward to interacting within this forum to help further my education.
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