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  1. Jon

    Riots in Minneapolis

    A black man, Daunte Wright, was shot dead by police yesterday during a routine traffic stop. From a brief look at the details, he resisted arrest and then tried to re-enter his car. It seems that all the cases of police shooting black men lately involved the suspect resisting arrest. Just don't...
  2. Jon

    Guilty or Not Guilty? The George Floyd trial...

    Has anybody been watching the case? I've watch far too much of it, maybe 10 to 15 hours of cross-examination. Do you think Derek Chauvin is guilty or not guilty? P.S. I think OJ was innocent. :LOL:
  3. Jon

    Identified potential culprit for drop in traffic

    A couple of days ago, I discovered that the WordPress Wordfence security plugin was affecting the forum section, causing the Oops! error. It thought some posts with code in it were hacking attempts. Well, half an hour ago, I discovered that it appears it has affected the number of pages from...
  4. Jon

    Tweaked New Members thread

    I've made some alterations to the New Members thread found here: I've some screen shots and also a section showing how to customise the forum, so you can hide forum sections such as politics if desired.
  5. Jon

    Max file size upload: 7,000KB

    Following a request by PM, I have now increased the file upload size to 7,000KB.
  6. Jon

    I don't blame the Democrats...

    Today, I thought I would nip onto CNN's website to see what they said about the immigration crisis on the border. When Trump was in power, they went on about the cruelty of "kids in cages" and the topic got heavy coverage. A picture was spread around the internet and went viral. "How cruel!"...
  7. Jon

    New forum section: Power Apps

    It's all the rage, apparently. Please find this new forum section here:
  8. Jon

    You asked, you got

    Don't say I never gave you anything. Enjoy! :p
  9. Jon

    New VIP members

    We have 4 new VIPs to announce, in recognition of those who have made significant contributions to this forum. Helping others voluntarily is a commitment of both your time and effort, and I would personally like to thank you for it. The new VIPs are, in no particular order: 1. bastanu 2. Isaac...
  10. Jon

    My WordPress hack woes

    I've been in a running battle with a hacker where I fix my WordPress site, run the security scans and then the following day find another piece of malware. Well, fingers-crossed, I think I might have finally defeated them. The site in question is a combination of WordPress and vBulletin 4. It...
  11. Jon

    WordPress sites - who owns one?

    I am curious if any members here own a WordPress site that they run. I ask because this might be a good place to discuss the security aspects of it. Let me start: I've got tons of them.
  12. Jon

    Site outage

    Just had a 5 minute site outage. Not sure why but it looks like the entire server went down. Edit: After speaking with host, it could have just been me being blocked.
  13. Jon

    Announcing the new Security and Privacy forum

    Security and privacy has become and important issue, since our lives are largely online nowadays. I urge you to take part in the discussion to protect yourself. Find the new forum here:
  14. Jon

    How to check if your email password has been compromised

    This has become an important issue for me because I have found multiple of my email addresses have been hacked. Look what Google told me: So, I highly recommend you check yours. Go here and let us know your results:
  15. Jon

    97% of scientists agree that climate change is...

    Wait! Don't be so sure yet! John Kerry, Barack Obama...they are all at it, quoting this piece of evidence to bolster their claims about the dangers of climate change. Yet have you ever checked the voracity of this evidence? I'm sure you will have assumed it is true, because why would such...
  16. Jon

    Tying Knots

    I just bought myself some rope and a tying knots guide. Don't ask me why, it must be the rather belated boy scout in me! Going to try to do a little practice each day. Up until this point, I have been doing "granny knots" for my entire life. This term may be banned soon, but its what I call...
  17. Jon

    New forum sections - suggestions?

    Just having a think today about if we need to consolidate or create some new forum sections. They don't have to be Access related, but just something useful to members here. For example, is it worth having a Security and Privacy Issues forum? What about Networking? Just interested in some ideas.
  18. Jon

    Issue with search

    For the last few days, there has been an issue with search. It uses a service on the server called elasticsearch. This service has had an update and is now consuming nearly all the available memory on the server and so causing problems. I am looking into this but have no idea for a solution as yet.
  19. Jon

    Impeachment #2 has started - who wins in the court of public opinion?

    Here we go again. It all seems rather familiar. We know that Trump will not get convicted and it is all political theatre. But who do you think will come out on top after all the arguments are heard? Will Democrat voters actually get to see the defences strongest points? It all seems very...
  20. Jon

    Does a lack of gender discrimination kill?

    We cannot differentiate anymore based on if you are male or female. In fact, this gendered language is now on the ban list in congress. However, is there not another side to the story? Take a look at this graph of the death rates between men and women based on Covid: The governments goal in...
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